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Getting a job after being accused of a Child Protection 'issue'

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by stephen2008, Feb 27, 2011.

  1. Not too long ago I was accused of a child protection issue which has been dealt with and it has been found to have been partly malicious and partly contrived. I was interviewed by the police, but never arrested or charged.The Local Authority didn't take any action after considerable procrastination. My contract ran out during the (what seemed like endless) proceedings I initially decided that I didn't want to teach again, but now I am having second thoughts.
    I am aware that Local Authorities only do CRB checks after a job offer is made. I am also pretty sure that this will come up on my disclosure. Needless to say I will tell the truth if asked in the interview about this, and put it on any application form if required. I wonder if anybody knows if having this (unjust) black mark on my CRB would have a negative impact on any applications?
  2. As well as advice from this forum (which I'm sure will be forthcoming soon) I think it might help for you to get some independent advice on this situation - you know, from people unrelated to teaching/authorities. First one that sprang to mind was the CAB and any other employment advisors you can think of that aren't connected to 'deciding' authorities. I think you could do with some support as well so you don't feel unjustly guilt ridden and unworthy every time you are interviewed for a job (or get it) and don't take this experience into your next employment - did you get any counselling at all? It must have been a horrible situation to go through and it will have knocked your confidence more than you realise.
  3. cupofteacher

    cupofteacher New commenter

    I know of someone who was in a similar situation. It may not come up on your CRB as your CRB shows convictions, however my friend was told that it would be on their record for 2 years, even though the allegations were false. I am guessing this would be on the GTC record, which employers have access too, and possibly on a reference? Not too sure, but hope that helps.

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