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Get off me and get out of my flat!

Discussion in 'Personal' started by Scintillant, Jun 21, 2019.

  1. Scintillant

    Scintillant Star commenter

    Oh dear, Boris...

    Police called to loud altercation at Boris Johnson's home

    Neighbour records shouting and banging at flat potential PM shares with Carrie Symonds

    The neighbour said they recorded the altercation from inside their flat out of concern for Symonds. On the recording, heard by the Guardian, Johnson can be heard refusing to leave the flat and telling Symonds to “get off my ******* laptop” before there is a loud crashing noise.

    Symonds is heard saying Johnson had ruined a sofa with red wine: “You just don’t care for anything because you’re spoilt. You have no care for money or anything.”

    The neighbour said: “There was a smashing sound of what sounded like plates. There was a couple of very loud screams that I’m certain were Carrie and she was shouting to ‘get out’ a lot. She was saying ‘get out of my flat’ and he was saying no. And then there was silence after the screaming. My partner, who was in bed half asleep, had heard a loud bang and the house shook.”
  2. sodalime

    sodalime Lead commenter

    Did the neighbours not knock the door too, but no one answered?
    ETA: yes, they did . . . certainly explains why BoJo has been so subdued with the media today
  3. Orkrider2

    Orkrider2 Star commenter

    Maybe he thought she was a terrorist.
  4. nomad

    nomad Star commenter

    [Sounds of William Hill changing their PM odds.]
  5. Duke of York

    Duke of York Star commenter

    Just the sort of bloke you want to have in charge of our nuclear weapons, ain't it?
  6. LondonCanary

    LondonCanary Star commenter

    Fortunately the neighbour, out of concern for Ms Symonds welfare, had the presence of mind to record the altercation and send it to the Guardian.
  7. colpee

    colpee Star commenter

    What could possibly go wrong?

  8. Oscillatingass

    Oscillatingass Star commenter

    If she had his lap top maybe she had found his p o r n collection. Understandably this would make Bo Jo very cross so any physical assault would have been entirely justified.;)
  9. Duke of York

    Duke of York Star commenter

  10. Brunel

    Brunel Lead commenter

    Just how many Tory members are going to change their minds about Johnson? If they’re happy to vote into the premiership the worst foreign secretary in living memory, why would a ‘little domestic’ change their mind? In fact, given that the altercation allegedly started after Johnson spilled red wine on a sofa he may find that the sympathy vote amongst the membership works to his advantage.
    JL48 likes this.
  11. sbkrobson

    sbkrobson Star commenter

    Galling that when somebody put a brick through my car windscreen in the middle of the night it took three days for some bod to turn up with a notebook and pen, and even then it turned out he didn't know how to write, yet when somebody overheard a posh altercation about some spilled wine on a farking sofa, a police call out and article in the Guardian was achieved immediately.
    Sar_H, Lara mfl 05, BetterNow and 5 others like this.
  12. gainly

    gainly Lead commenter

    I fear BoJo supporters are like Trump supporters. It doesn't matter what he does, they'll still vote for him.
  13. Oscillatingass

    Oscillatingass Star commenter

    Yes it is exactly the same.
  14. colpee

    colpee Star commenter

    I now have a weird video playing in my head of those leaders chasing scantily clad mullahs around desert sand dunes to the Bennie Hill theme tune.:eek:
  15. Orkrider2

    Orkrider2 Star commenter

    When my parents came home and found their house had been broken into (nothing taken, just the back door forced open, breaking the door frame), the police came round the next day to take statements. Told us not to touch the door in the mean time so they could take prints (the door opens onto a sort of porch so it was still possible to secure the house without mending this door).

    When my parents house was broken into by a group of men while they were upstairs, my mum called from the bedroom and they were there within minutes.
    (In case you’re interested in how this panned out, my dad went out onto the landing when they were woken by the door being kicked in, and he saw them enter, at which point he started screaming and threatening them while running down the stairs in all his naked glory. Fortunately were so freaked out by the sight of an elderly naked man storming towards them while threatening to castrate them and choke them with their own balls that they scarpered. He then let the dog - a large Doberman/husky cross - out of the kitchen and chased them, still naked, down the street until the police found him and brought him home).

    The difference being that the latter incident involved people being potentially in immediate risk of harm and the former didn’t. Hence the difference in response times.
  16. sbkrobson

    sbkrobson Star commenter

    Yes. An immediate risk of harm is key here.
    Now that you have explained it, I am pretty sure that is exactly the reason why the police were keen to arrive at the home of the future Prime Minister as quickly as they did when it was reported that his partner was shouting about him spilling wine on the sofa on a Friday evening and he then audibly protested that she ought to stop using his future Prime Minister's laptop.
  17. chelsea2

    chelsea2 Star commenter

    Maybe it was more to do with her telling him to leave HER flat and him refusing to do so. Not to mention the noise of smashing.
  18. Orkrider2

    Orkrider2 Star commenter

    You deliberately ignoring the reported smashing sounds and the screams? Do you believe that because an argument is over something trivial, it can’t turn violent?
  19. sbkrobson

    sbkrobson Star commenter

    Oi oi oi-why the vilification?!
    I'm expressing cynicism at the fact of this acheiving a police report and making the papers so quickly because of who it is, I am not undermining or disrespecting those who have been personally or property-wise violated.
    Stop tutting and extrapolating irrelevancies and sensitivities when there are none to be had in the fact of all cops chomping at the bit to be the one who finally arrested BoJo!

    That's my point.
    Not "honestly,I don't see what the fuss is about domestic violence and abuse"

    Why are there always people so quick to make that irrational and emotive leap about what others are saying?!

    Sometimes it really seems posts on here get read once, and then on second reading, ninety percent of the words are simply obviated and replaced by personal agenda.
    Last edited: Jun 21, 2019
  20. Orkrider2

    Orkrider2 Star commenter

    Making the papers is because of who it is is a given. But responding quickly because they want to arrest bojo I don’t buy. More likely that if they did know who it involved in advance, they knew it’d go to the press and if something serious had been going on and they’d ignored it or played it down, they’d be in a load of trouble. It’d be kind of like the police equivalent of a lesson observation.
    ETA: if they didn’t know who it was, then I’m presuming quick response time is the immediate harm thing as it was with my parents.
    Last edited: Jun 22, 2019

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