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Discussion in 'Primary' started by Pumpkin pie, Apr 10, 2008.

  1. Why don't you get the kids to make grassheads - they make a fab display.
  2. ? what is a grasshead? what would I put on the display?
  3. It would have to be a table top display.

    Grassheads are when you germinate grass seeds in a nylon stocking and make a face out of it - googly eyes and all. Great fun!
  4. sorry..am so dumb...or very tired...how do you do this???
  5. I think I have some instructions somewhere - give me a few mins and I'll email you.
  6. You have mail!
  7. thank you ...looks like fun!!!
  8. Or what about a living sc1 activity display where you use poly bags hung up (eg on a washing line with clothes pegs), each with a bean in it and different conditions. The class could be divided into groups and have to create the display work to go with their work, explaining how they made a fair tes, their predictions etc.
    eg damp kitchen roll vs dry kitchen roll
    damp kitchen roll and light, damp kitchen roll and dark (eg wrap the poly bag in bin liner)
    damp kitchen roll and bag sealed, vs damp kitchen roll and bag open
    damp soil vs damp kitchen roll
    etc etc

    Or do it as one big class experiment where you discuss and decide on one bag for each group to create, having decided together on how much water is to be added to 'damp' bags, how to create dark conditions etc.

    I suggest using two beans in each bag just in case one doesn't germinate.

    You could have big sheets of graph paper on the display on which they record the measured bean sprouts so the recording is also a display item, with one person from each group responsible on each day they record.
  9. Hi..
    i know you wrote this ages ago. But i really like this idea for my year 5 class. Im currently on my final year block placement. An i need to do an investigation on lifecycles.
    How many groups do you think is necessary for a class of 30?

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