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Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by jaGenau, Jun 29, 2017.

  1. jaGenau

    jaGenau New commenter

    Grüßt euch!

    I'm cleaning out the assistant's room, and I have large quantities of texts I'd gladly give to a school which can use them.

    GCSE Texts
    - AQA GCSE German (2010) - approx. 30 in near-new condition
    - Na klar! 3 (2004) - approx. 60 in good condition
    - AQA GCSE German (2009) - approx. 30 in good condition

    A Level texts
    - AQA AS (2008) - 10+ in good condition
    - AQA A2 (2008) - 10+ in good condition
    - Zeitgeist 1 (original edition) - approx. 20 in used condition
    - Zeitgeist 2 (original edition) - approx. 20 in used condition

    I would love to find good homes for any or all of these texts - otherwise, I'm afraid they're for the dumpster, which I'm loath to do.

    Collection only from my school close to Watford.

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