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German A Level

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by carvajal, Aug 31, 2012.

  1. carvajal

    carvajal New commenter

    I have recently moved to Spain and have been offered a job teaching A Level German in an International College. I would really like to do this and I am an experienced MFL teacher. However, I have never taught A level in any subject and I haven`t taught German for 12 years!!
    My degree is in German and it is my main foreign language - just feel a bit jittery about taking this on as I came to Spain to reduce my workload!!
    It would only be 2 students for 6 hours a week - any advice would be greatly appreciated!
    The school uses EdExcel as their exam board.

  2. FrauSue

    FrauSue New commenter

    You're very brave, but 6 hours a week is generous and with 2 students you have the time to tailor lessons to their needs. It's a great opportunity to work on their oral skills especially. I'd start by reading the specification carefully, as well as looking at the exam papers and exam reports (these are really useful) from the last 3 years. That way you can ensure that you know what the key points are that need to be covered during the course. I'd also browse through the KS5 German resources on TES as that gives you a good idea of the things other people do at this level. Have you got colleagues teaching other languages at A-Level who can talk to you about how they structure the course and teaching methods with this age group?
    Have great fun in Spain!
  3. carvajal

    carvajal New commenter

    Hi Frau Sue

    Many thanks for your reply and advice - think I will go for it!
    I`m assuming that you teach A Level yourself - might be picking your brain as I go along - hope you don`t mind!
    I have been teaching in a High School in Leics for the last 10 years so am completely out of the exam loop!!

    Denise (carvajal)

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