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German 4 day trip to Munich - any ideas or advice?

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by EmmarGreen, Aug 19, 2011.

  1. Hello. I am organising a trip to Munich for Yr 12 and 13 next February for 3days, 4 nights. Does anyone have any suggestions for good trips/ places to go or to do or also anything else that is not at all suitable for 16 - 18 year olds! Thanks!
  2. Thanks very much - any thoughts on the BMW factory tour?

  3. Cestrian

    Cestrian New commenter

    No personal experience, sorry, but colleagues organised a bike tour round the city for our Y12/13 visit at Easter, also visited the Olympiapark.
  4. We did Munich in 2010 with NST for 4 nights staying at the Jugendhotel (excellent) with a group of 23 from Y7-10 some of whom had dropped German and a few who had never learned it. We did the following: Olympic Stadium tour (organised myself via email), Neuschwanstein castle (organised by NST), a walking tour of the city (NST), bowling (NST), BMW Welt (free, just walk in and do on way/way back from stadium tour), zoo (esp good with baby elephant and gorilla), Deutsches Museum pay 2 Euro more for Planetarium, excellent. We got around by U-Bahn with a special ticket for groups. Really good trip, oh also Englischer Garten visit for a few hours. We went at Easter so not the warmest but a great time had by all. Viel Spass!
  5. Thanks for all the advice and tips - what is there to see in the Deutsches Museum? I have heard good things about it but don't know what's in there!
    We're going in February so I'm prepared for it to be cold!
    Was the Olympic Stadium tour good? I popped in myself and I think if you just pop in for a wander round it is not that interesting, though I imagine it could be interesting if you have a tour. How much did the tour cost?

  6. Deutsches Museum is basically technical stuff, I was only really interested in seeing the Enigma machine myself! But the planetarium is great esp when your colleague falls asleep next to you! Olympic Stadium was excellent, we had a Canadian tour guide who showed us all of the inside incl VIP area and huge table football table which the kids loved. I think the tour was approx 100 Euro for 2 staff and 21 kids? Sorry can't check as I've left that school now. Look at the website for group prices. Viel Spass!
  7. Just looked at website www.olympiapark.de and if you look at tours you'll see it's 4 Euro for groups of 20+, open 1100-1600 between Jan and March. I booked it myself by emailing them. As the school had no credit card, they had to take my word that we'd turn up and pay cash which we did. Otherwise they may want payment in advance. be prepared!
  8. The Deutsches Museum is great, but you can't see everything, so perhaps you could send them round the museum on their own so they can see whatever they like. If they tell you before what they would like to see, you can even check on them from time to time. There is lots and lots of stuff, from physics and chemistry to musical instruments, but the cars are no longer there, they have moved to another place.
  9. you could try Ardmore Educational Travel they do Langauge trips to Germany![​IMG]

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