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Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by runningkirst, Oct 22, 2011.

  1. I teach year 6 maths for able pupils. My head has asked me to deliver a course on geometry. Can anyone recommend any good text books, websites or ideas? Many thanks
  2. If you're the maths specialist why is the head telling you what to do?

    What does the head want you to achieve?

    How able are your able pupils?

    How many hours will your geometry course run for?

    How much geometry do you know?
  3. hi - i do the same sort of thing ie able-pupil maths.
    how is your teaching structured? i take mine out of one lesson a week - do you do similar, or run lunchtime, after school or whatever? do you have a 'mission' statement for what you do with your group?
    has your head been more explicit than 'geometry'? i teach geometric construction, tho i tend to do that in a joint maths/art gat group (we have a good arts gat cohort most years)
    i do a shapes defining and classification module - tho that's with y5, but it would still work for y6
    haven't put either up on the site yet, but could email them to you
    cynthia lanus' fractals module is wonderful - again, i do this as maths/art joint - can also email you how i've adapted it as a lesson plan - mobius bands are good too - does your head know the difference between geometry and topology?
    i also do a module on the 4th dimension i can send you
    there's a couple of books from ukmt by gerry leversha and tony gardiner on plane geometry - i own both but have read neither [​IMG]

  4. Hi Runningkirst,

    Recently, I found a geometry app that works well for me.

    I will share it to you, it's Geometry for Mac OS X itunes.apple.com/.../id972453094

    I hope it will work for you as well.

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