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Geography resources

Discussion in 'Geography' started by anon874, Jun 8, 2011.

  1. Hi all,

    Are there any other popular geography resources websites other than the TES (who have very just proudly annouced how many have been shared on here - I can't find anything on all of the topics I need - no-specialist babysitting until end of year - could do with some help!)

    Thanks again
  2. Ooops! My post last night has no appeared. Please reply to that one to keep everything in one place for the TES.

    (Moderator? Please delete this thread!)

  3. Why dnt you try slide-share,
  4. I'm aware of teachit geography, but haven't used the resources from there myself, so not sure of quality/whether you have to pay.
  5. Teachable.net (pay but some free)

    thinking through geography

    Think Geography

    Geographical Association

    Radical Geography

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