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Geography pathways

Discussion in 'Geography' started by impaul, Jun 7, 2011.

  1. Hi,
    Our school is currently looking at changing our traditional GCSE > AS/A2 pathway and we have been asked to see what our department feels able to offer as alternatives to what we have been delivering i.e. ELCs, diplomas, GCSE's from yr9, bridging courses to help access level 3 courses etc.
    Our Geography department is currently running GCSEs at yr 10 and 11, followed by AS/A2 in 12 and 13, and we offer Leisure and Tourism as an option too.
    Has anyone here had to re-structure the way you offered Geography to your pupils? Other than ELC or perhaps AS Geology I haven't uncovered much else. Does anyone know of any other courses I might be overlooking?

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