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Discussion in 'Geography' started by Treblig, Mar 12, 2005.

  1. read the thread everybody and you will see where to access them immediately..
  2. fhs


    Dear Wellies, do hope you are still willing and able to send descriptors! I would love a copy if you could sedn to fiona_hs@yahoo.co.uk
    A very grateful teacher!
  3. read the thread! They are up on the internet several times over; no need to be emailed
  4. These level descriptors are excellent, but they seem to be aimed more at KS3. Does anymore know of any child friendly ones for primary school children?

  5. Message for WELLIES. Please e mail your very helpful simplification of the Geography NC levels at Key Stage 3 to p.pc.cope@talk21.com.

    thanks pc
  6. Don't be lazy!!

    There are numerous links WITHIN this thread to excellent, simplified level descriptors for KS3.

    Do a bit of hunting around!
  7. tafkam

    tafkam Occasional commenter

    Anyone else tempted to submit all these addresses to dodgy sites, just for fun?
    And then later claim that I hadn't realised it was dodgy because I couldn't be bothered to read it, and hoped someone would do all that work for me?

  8. you could be the answer to my prayers.We have thought long and hard about levels but still fail to simplify them sufficiently. would appreciate a copy.
  9. I too am constantly struggling with applying the NC levels to pupil's work in Geography. Does anyone think that the problem actually lies with the cumbersome and difficult to interpret level descripors and not with us as Geography teachers? Do other subjects have this problem?
  10. Read the excellent response by David Lambert (Geographical Association but writing his personal viewpoint) in this thread on the SLN Forum:


    Print out his letter, laminate it and stick it on your desk/wall. Send copies to your HOD, headteacher, OFSTED inspector, county advisor and anyone else who is pressurising you to do impossible things with the generic NC Level Descriptors for Geography.
  11. Sorry forgot to say they are Primary levels only.
  12. princesspunka

    princesspunka New commenter

  13. dear wellies
    I would love to have a copy of those user friendly geog level descriptors. I have always had an issue with the subdivisions of the levels so hope what you send will help.

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