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Discussion in 'Geography' started by Treblig, Mar 12, 2005.

  1. HJK


    Goneunderground.... some people just don't listen do they??!!
  2. dead right HJK -only I was too polite to say so!!!
  3. Am a first time user and have just gained head of department as from last week. Ofsted is due to be coming to our school next academic year and really need some advice or ideas as to how to improve the levelling at school and make it consistant and accessable to students.
    Any ideas also as to how to improve the department when the old head is still in the department and was reluctant to go and see new ideas come into force?

    Much appreciated
  4. Ok just realised posting on the previous page! thanks for pointing it out

    Many thanks
  5. Wow! I can't believe I've fimally found someone who can help me. Please may I have a copy of your wonderful levelled assessment for geography,
    Many thanks and kind regards

  6. Hi to all,

    I know that you have had 100's of requests for the level descriptors but if it is possible and not too much could i have a copy as well? Or could someone who's had them can email them to me?

    Thank-you for your time!

  7. Both pages 3 and 4 of this thread offer websites where you can find simplified level descriptors!!! No offence, but why not try visiting those sites instead of just expecting someone to send out 50-odd e-mails- so much simpler!

  8. any chance i could grab a copy of those too? I feel they will come in very handy in my new school!!



  9. Wellies,

    I'm doing an assignment about EXACTLY that at the momment! I'd be so grateful if you could send it to me too.


    Thanks a million
  10. Hi Wellies,
    Wow, your geography descriptor levels are in demand. If you are still taking the time to do this could you please send me them.


  11. Hello!

    I'm doing a geography assignment about the issues that need to be addressed in the management and development of Geography in primary schools. if anyone has any ideas they would like to share about co-ordinating geography in their school that would be great!

    I've already interviewed a geography/humanities co-ordinator...Just thought other people's views would be useful and interesting to add in.....if anyone has time to fill in a questinnaire that I have to share their views on this topic I'd really appreciate it...thanks!
    My email is missfiftyfifty@hotmail.com
  12. If someone could also send me a copy of the descriptors that would be a great help, would be useful to mention that in my assignment


  13. Wellies
    If you are still sending out your level descriptors, I would really appreciate a copy. As a new coordinator, my first task is to make the descriptors "child friendly".

    My email address is jackie.humphries@hotmail.co.uk



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