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Geography/ History Resouces

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Happy Chappy, Apr 26, 2011.

  1. Is there anyone there?
  2. Does anyone use a particular scheme for teaching History and Geography. Which is the best? I am considering getting Badgers scheme but don't want to buy it and waste money unnecessarily. Have just found Folens- History resource books that might be useful to supplement what we already use. Has anyone used it? Can you recommend it?

    I would also like to make up topic boxes with our own artefacts in them- can I get them cheaply from a supplier- eg. things like replica toys/ ration books etc
    any help would be great
  3. I think sometimes a set scheme can damage the teaching of the Humanities. Looking at Geography, there is a wealth of images, articles and tools online that can be put together to suit the school and classes with the focus always starting on the local geography so that the children can relate to this and then extend into wider contexts.

    With history, to get you started do you have a schools library service in the county? We have a lot of our books on loan, sample them and if we like them we may then order them. Again pictures and images are easily taken from the internet and with the right TA can be made to look amazing and all in house made.

    Planning - look over the planning that you have and then tweak and amend, make sure there is relevance and a lively focus to inspire children to love the Humanities. Yorkshire Purchasing Organisation have artefacts etc I think.

    Hope this helps.

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