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Geography and Enterprise

Discussion in 'Geography' started by mystique_scarlet2006, Jan 28, 2012.

  1. I am the PSHCE and Enterprise Co-Ordinator for an 11-16 all girls school in a deprive suburb of Birmingham
    As part of my role, my SMT has asked me to run and co-ordinate an Enterprise Week across the whole school. The main aim would be to promote Enterprise opportunities as well as making links between Enterprise and curriculum based subjects.
    I was just wondering if anyone had any creative or unusual ideas of links I could make between Enterprise and Geography as part of a lesson? I am hoping to provide some suggested lesson ideas that teachers could use through the week, and any ideas would be GREATLY appreicated!!!!
  2. One of the schools I was at during my PGCE did a very clever enterprise/geography thing which involved the students making their own eco town. It was actually run by some people from the schools local authority, but would be easily possible for you to do provided you had the time to get all the resources. (It would also take longer than an hours session though, so you could run it as either a whole day thing, or over a few lessons).

    As far as I remember each group of pupils was given an information pack about a site for a fictional new eco town that was going to be built, and the students had to act as the developers. Each student took on a different role (which were individually explained in the pack, but the students discussed themselves in the groups who would take on each role), such as project leader, designer, builder, treasurer etc.

    The pack also included information about the costings of the building materials (which was paper, thick card, lollypop sticks and that sort of thing), who the town could be for (i.e cheaper for families or more high end) and what amenities were available (schools, shops), as well as info about costings for making the town 'eco friendly' (recycling schemes, solar panels for the houses, that sort of thing).

    Once each group had decided what their town was going to include, what it was going to be called and things, they set about building it. Initially each team was given a set pack of building materials for free, and if they then needed anything else, they had to 'buy it' with tokens included in the original info pack. Others in the group (who had been assigned the role) had to create and advert for the eco town or check the costings to make sure they were on budget (they were given a costing sheet and calculator to help with this).

    Once the towns has been built each team then had to give a short presentation about their town, and why people should live there and how it was eco friendly.

    The team that were voted as having created the best town by the teachers got a prize of book tokens or something.

    Anyway, like I said, a bit time consuming, but really fun and the kids enjoyed it.

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