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Geographical features of Spain

Discussion in 'Geography' started by geoprimary, May 13, 2009.

  1. Why Spain Helen? Which part of Spain do you have personal experience of? Where do some of your children visit? Is this aimed at your Y2 group again or at another class?
    I've been trying to develop some ideas around sharing a kind of PowerPoint diary based on my own personal geographies - see my Travels in Australia PowerPoints. Could you use this kind of idea as a model?
  2. helskie26

    helskie26 New commenter

    Hi. I have been asked to cover Spain because we teach spanish to the children and we have spanish assistants who come over from Spain so the children are familiar with the country.
    This unit would be for a year 4 class. We previously did Japan in this year group and they covered things like -
    Where is the UK and Japan?
    How is Japan connected to other places?
    What is the landscape like?
    Physical processes- mountains, earthquakes, volcanoes.
    Compare places- looking at the homes, over crowding, adaptations to homes for earthquakes.
    Schools in Japan- deductions about culture.
    Human processes- main type of work in Japan.
    Selling and trading goods.
    Main similarities and differences between our locality and Japan.

    I need to cover similiar objectives but for Spain. I just need some ideas of things to include/cover.
  3. Hi there,
    Well you could take these same starting points for Spain - though from what I know of Spain there are vast differences between different regions which might mean that you contrast different areas of Spain as well as look at similarities and differences with your own locality.
    You could start with children's personal geographies - What picture comes into their heads when they think about Spain? What sounds? What do they feel?
    You could focus on a region of Spain that some of your children know - or that you know. Which might lead you in through tourism.
    I've been trying to write photo-stories linked to my visits to Australia (using PowerPoint). You could try something similar for Spain. See Primary Geography Blog
    Searching for Spain on the BBC `Learning Zone - Class Clips' brings up lots of possible starting points - many of the clips look as though they are part of a Spanish Learning programme too.
    If you are feeling really stuck the Geographical Association produce SuperSchemes Unit 12: Investigating Europe The focus of this unit is actually a village in France - but you could use the outline plan and change it for a village/ town in Spain. You could try looking for photographs on Flickr search under Creative Commons for Spain. Don't forget Google Earth or Google Maps if you don't want to downlaod the Google earth programme and you may also find useful images of Spain on Panoramio - these will all be landscape/ buildings etc rather than people.
    If you were feeling brave and were prepared to do a bit more research you could take a totally different approach and look at Education for Sustainable Development - e.g. Is there enough water available to meet the needs of both the locals and tourists in Southern Spain?
    If you are new to coodinating geography you ought to join the Geographical Association - The Primary Geographer Magazine is excellent and builds up into a fantastic collection of ideas. For theprice of a tank of petrol you get 3 Primary Geogrpher magazines per year. Three GA magazines and a third off GA resources such as Super Schemes. See join the GA web page.
  4. Hi.

    I know this is an old post, but I am just about to do a unit on Spain for KS2. Do you happen to have any planning that you could email me?

    Would be much appreciated!!
    D x

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