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Genie/PICAXE/-pic projects

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by cluneyd, Mar 23, 2011.

  1. Im interested in developing a yr8 pic project using either Genie or PICAXE.

    Ive taught a PIC project before at my previous school, however I'm looking for a modern project/creative use of the PICs- not just a cyberpet.

    I'm interested in the possability of incorporating Textiles and PIC's. Ive been on a course using the 'DaisyPIC' circuit, however I don't think my yr8 pupils will be able to cope with surface mount electronics.

    Anyone used the following kits: Genie activity kit, Genie project kit, Genie jukebox kit???


    Any ideas?

  2. Try PicoKit project kits. These projects run on standard Microchip PICs, and you can choose between any PIC software language that compiles a hex file - eg. ASM, C, Basic, & Pasca.

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