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General Primary Interview - University of Cumbria, Lancaster Campus.

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by xxkatie-jaynexx, Feb 2, 2012.

  1. Hi,
    I have a PGCE interview for the General Primary PGCE at the Lancaster campus of Cumbria University coming up on 22nd Feb.
    Just wondering if anyone has already had an interview, and can give me some tips on what to expect? I'm so nervous!
  2. Hi I had an interview in december and was offered a place on general primary!!! my main tip would be always refer and relate EVERYTHING to your experience in schools many applicants seemed to lack knowledge of children, schools etc because they lacked experience and this really showed in group discussions and presentations. Also the literacy task is harder than you think you dont get much time and i would concentrate on spelling and grammer rather than content!!Interview is only four questions but they are pretty open so can lead to discussion!I think key is getting across that you have a realistic idea of teaching and what it entails!!! Individual presentatiosn was the worst part for me but then when i got feedbac it was my best area so you never know!!!good luck for your interview its really not as bad as you think the tutors are very nice and make you feel relaxed!
  3. oh that's made me feel a bit better about it! Thanks! What kind of things did you focus on it your solo presentation? I hate presentations, especially on my own!! I have read through the piece for the literacy task, i'm going to work on it today and hopefully get that bit of prep out of the way!! There's so much to do!!
  4. We had to do the presentation on either early reading or mathematics, i did mine on phonics (as did a lot of people) and talked about the whole arguement of phonics vs whole word appraoch. the powerpoint broke and i didnt even have my slides on the day so i ended up just talking off what i could remember!!its only to one tutor and 3 or 4 other applicants so dont worry its not that daunting!!!good luck!
  5. Hi there,

    I had my interview today, although it was for the distributed learning which is slightly different. The day was quite short, I left at 11am!
    I know our tasks were different to yours, but the day itself was fairly relaxed (although the applicants weren't)

    Do you have a group task? I would definitely recommend reading other's comments on here. I did feel my group task let me down because one person did a lot of talking, which made it hard for the rest of us!
    My interviewer was really nice and made me feel more at ease. For once, I was one of the first to be interviewed and that helped my nerves!
    I was asked about current issues such as the curriculum. The guidance they give for the day is very good!

    Good luck
  6. Hi, thanks for the reply!
    Yes we do have the group task, what kind of things did you discuss during it? Just so I can be clued up enough to speak up!
    I'm so nervous, im currently working on a solo presentation, and there is so much to write about it is hard to shorten down and focus in on something, its all a bit of waffle so far, lots of work to do!
  7. Hi all,

    I also have an interview at Cumbria in just a few weeks, and was looking for some advice/help:

    1 - If u dont mind me asking what was the 4 questions they asked you?

    2 - Im not looking forward to the solo presentation, and was wondering do u know where I can find government policies on early reading. And also can someone give me adive on what to critically discuss in the early reading presentation?

    I really need some advice please?
  8. Hi!
    I also had an interview for general primary at Cumbria in Lancaster in early January and also got offered a place! I'm looking forward to starting in September and meeting everybody! Are you from the Lancaster area or further afield? :)

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