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GEMS Education

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by 123flowers, Oct 16, 2016.

  1. Stillstayingjohnson

    Stillstayingjohnson Occasional commenter

    2 years ago, as an NQT, I could barely afford to get to work every day! (Can just about manage it now!)
    Especially being from Cornwall - Rent is £750, then there's bills, council tax and having a life!
    The plight is real, but can be considered manageable. This is until you factor in the dinosaur, part-time teachers who moved up the scale before it was performance related... Really irritates me how somebody who works 1, 2 or 3 days a week can earn more than somebody who works full-time (maybe slightly more annoyed than I should be, being the only full-time member of staff!)
    Let's not get started on the distribution of TLR's...

    Working abroad in most countries would give me a better deal.
    As soon as my partner has finished her studies, I think we will be off!

    The hardest part now is finding the time outside of work to do the research!
  2. fsmc

    fsmc Occasional commenter

    Musikteech, you're the only one talking about $60k a year. Stop building strawman to knock down. We all know hardly anyone makes $60k on their first teaching job. Plenty make above $20k+accomodation though, which is the threshold for 'doing better than a UK NQT'.
  3. dumbbells66

    dumbbells66 Lead commenter

    $20 000 a year is very low for an International school teacher. in my experience most schools would start you off with a minimum of $30 000, with an average being around $35 000 to $40 000. at the $30 000 thats the equivalent pay of someone in the UK earning 30 000GBP before tax. at $35 000, thats the same as earning 36 000GBP a year before tax. but obviously the difference being that International teachers would not be paying out anything for accommodation out of that, its just money in the bank. where teachers in the UK would still have to pay for everything.
  4. Helen-Back

    Helen-Back Occasional commenter

    The ESL salary in Japan hasn't changed in 20 years. In 1998, 250,000 yen was the minimum schools were allowed to pay.
  5. fsmc

    fsmc Occasional commenter

    Agree with everything you say - the point I was making though is that the bar is VERY low before you're doing better than an NQT in the UK. As in all PGCE holders could do better.

    Some say you should do the NQT year first incase you ever come back home. My response to that is 1) I'll never come back home, and 2) If I did go back to the UK, I certainly wouldn't be a teacher there.
    dumbbells66 likes this.
  6. GrayFox23

    GrayFox23 New commenter

    PrinceCaspian is clueless
  7. AndyBeazer

    AndyBeazer New commenter

    Is it worth going through an agency as well as applying direct to teach in primary schools in The Middle East?

    How much do agencies take from a salary in terms of commission?
  8. dumbbells66

    dumbbells66 Lead commenter

    No point what so ever. Apply direct everytime.
  9. bongo88

    bongo88 New commenter

    Is anyone working for GEMS cirst point still on here?

  10. rouxx

    rouxx Lead commenter

    Where have all the flowers gone?
    Nothing since August
  11. dumbbells66

    dumbbells66 Lead commenter

    Probably massively regretting being so positive about working for the shinny corporationo_O
    hope4thefuture likes this.
  12. lateralligator

    lateralligator New commenter

    Could be they're enjoying it so much they don't have time to be on this! And even if the school or corporation isn't all its cracked up to be they might just be embracing their new life and opportunities. Or not, who knows.
  13. dumbbells66

    dumbbells66 Lead commenter

    yeh, if i remember rightly they were of to one of the lower tier schools within the group, so i'll stick with my guess ;)
    hope4thefuture likes this.
  14. GeorginaW96

    GeorginaW96 New commenter

    I know this post is old but I have been looking at a job at GEMS. I was wondering how your teaching went?
    Thank you
  15. melpickering1

    melpickering1 New commenter

    Dito is like some info about working for gems as I’ve got an interview
    adrixargentina likes this.
  16. adrixargentina

    adrixargentina Occasional commenter

    How did it go?
  17. february31st

    february31st Established commenter

    GEMs has never changed or will it, what has been said in the past is still valid.
    nomad and adrixargentina like this.
  18. ela_giano

    ela_giano New commenter

    I have applied and offered a job 2 years ago the pay wasn’t what I expected and I didn’t accept the offer
    However, I have tried to apply again this year ;I had no reply from them at all. So I assume that I am on the black list.
  19. Mr_Frosty

    Mr_Frosty Established commenter

    adrixargentina likes this.
  20. kmrauber

    kmrauber New commenter

    Im hoping that those of you who read this have experience of getting jobs abroad or working at Gems.
    Ive applied for two posts in KL and Thailand thought my application was quite strong. But ive heard nothing. I have 17 years experience teaching in the Uk and abroad. I have a PGCE, BA, Drama teaching Qual, QTS, years of ESL and EAL experience but Im 50 with two boys aged 10 and 12. I earn a really high salary in Switzerland but thats not the most important thing for me, so where am i going wrong or what am i doing wrong? Can anyone help me its soooo frustrating!!! Thanks, Katie

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