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Gem/marble in the jar

Discussion in 'Primary' started by xhelen1989x, Jan 15, 2012.

  1. Hi there,
    I'm keen to implement a new behaviour management system and thinking of gem/marble in the jar style. I've seen this in a couple of schools but can't quite remember what actual rewards the children got from it! Does anyone do anything similar to this?
    When the jar is full would you allow 5 minutes extra playtime/extra golden time? I'm not sure! At the moment our golden time is quite short so it would be possible to add on 10 minutes extra golden time for a full jar of gems...is this how it is supposed to work?
  2. I have 25 glass beads and a golden time slot of 25 mins on Friday afternoon. 1 bead = 1 minute and the children aim to earn all of their golden time over the week. It works well as we can count up each day and see if we are on track and encourage chn to earn more.
    The children suggest activities they would like to do for golden time and vote on their favourite so they know what they are aiming for.
  3. Brenden

    Brenden New commenter

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