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GCSE WJEC French results

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by teacher44444, Aug 28, 2016.

  1. teacher44444

    teacher44444 New commenter

    I haven't yet gone into my results in details, and am hoping for a more user-friendly format from WJEC in order to analysis data more efficiently, but first impressions suggest the higher reading paper was very harshly marked. Any comments from other WJEC users? I've never asked for remarks from this board - does anyone have any experience on this, either negative or positive?

  2. divine_dodo

    divine_dodo New commenter

    We are WJEC and I've done remarks before for the writing as it always appear odd - a student we moderated at a B got full marks and one who we moderated at full marks got a C!
    Sent 3 for remarks and all remained unchanged, as per other years we have asked for remarks - I didn't bother this year as they have never ever changed.
    Students did well on the higher reading paper (all B+ except one U who did no revision so no surprise!) which was good as normally they are all over the place with it!
    I honestly think examiners sometimes close their eyes and point to a grade....

    Sorry for not being more help but good luck!

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