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GCSE Tutoring

Discussion in 'English' started by gruoch, Apr 1, 2011.

  1. gruoch

    gruoch Occasional commenter

    I find the BBC Skillswise site invaluable when teaching any kind of grammar.
  2. Thank you! That's a brilliant resource. I've had her doing some of the worksheets from it which is great to identify her problem areas.
  3. It sounds as if you have tons of work to do! However, this has happened to me and it is surprising what can be achieved over the weeks. Have used BBC skilllwise and it is very good!

    Which awarding body is she registered with? This may be useful for you to check their specifications etc., The CGP ENGLISH REVISION GUIDE BOOKS have lots of exercises in to help with the basics also. Libraries often stock them, if you don't have your own copies or wish to buy them just yet, They often have a study guide section and that is where you will find very useful basic books. LETTS guides are also good.
  4. Have a look on here at the resources too.

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