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GCSE Spanish in 2 years Schemes of work - please help!!

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by sarah_cave23, Apr 13, 2010.

  1. Hi all,

    I've done some searching on the forums and seen a lot of topics about this, but they are all from quite a while ago so was wondering if anyone could help me please!! I've recently taken over the Express GCSE Spanish (done in years 10 and 11 with no prior Spanish), but we don't have a "proper" scheme of work in place. The teacher I replaced kind of did her own thing I think and I've been trying to cobble something together, but I fear Ofsted are looming so would really like to have something decent in place!! Resource-wise we have Listos 1 and Listos 3 Verde and Rojo, but if anyone could please send me any ideas of Schemes of Work/timescales I would be most grateful!! My HoD doesn't teach Spanish and the current GCSE schemes of work for French/German aren't particulalry easy to adapt as they rely on knowledge of vocab etc. from KS3. Any help would be very gratefully recieved!!

    Many thanks,

    Sarah. :)
  2. All my docs are at work. So if you are not too desperate and can wait till the April 20th then I might be able to help.
  3. Hi
    Any chance you could forward me your SOW for some ideas too. I am trying to update mine. I will forward you mine when i have completed it fully. I am also trying to update keystage 3 for sept. If you have an electronic copy of yours i would be really grateful. Thanks Sofia
  4. Hi guys,
    Sorry to pick up on such an old thread but I'm in exactly the same predicament and was wondering if you had any good SOW for a two year GCSE Spanish from scratch or anything else that could be useful...... Starting after half term and starting to completely panic as I've had no help or advice at all!
    Email is anna512@hotmail.com
    Thanks so so much
  5. Hi Anna,

    I am in the very same situation. The only thing I have been given is the QCDA schemes of work for ks4 which are not very appropriate as my students have just started to learn Spanish.
    I would be very grateful if you could shed some light on this with some ideas for the SoW . I am going to a course in Leeds this months in relation to this I can get back at you with some info.


  6. I am also in this situation now. This is the first year that we have offered an express course for GCSE Spanish for pupils with no prior knowledge of Spanish. I know that the GCSE has now changed, but any scheme of work that could guide me with timings would be useful.

    My email is hardtoimpress@hotmail.com
  7. Hi!

    I'm in need of such a thing as well and would greatly appreciate any help before I reinvent the wheel. We do AQA and use Listos. Any chance you could forward me your SOW for some ideas too. I am trying to update mine.

    Email is stefl66@hotmail.com
  8. Hello! :)

    I'm starting my NQT year next week and will be in the same position! Would anyone be able to send me the SoW if they don't mind please? It would be such a big help!! My email address is EVJDowse@gmail.com :)

    Thank you!

  9. Hello everyone! Know this discussion was started AGES ago but am also in a similar boat, i.e. am teaching x2 Year 9 Spanish groups and am teaching to Listos 3 verde when there seem to be lot of significant gaps in their knowledge despite this being their second year of Spanish. This is what I believe anyway as I am only working as a Supply Teacher at the school on a fairly short-term basis and only been there 2 weeks...If anyone could forward me a relevant SoW which maps to the Listos 3 verde series and/or takes into account that they are basically complete beginners, I would be extremely grateful!!! This is my first Teaching job following my NQT Year, in which I only taught Yr7 Spanish, and also following a 3-year gap from teaching during which I worked as a T.A. The HoD does not teach Spanish at my school either and there is no SoW in place so I have just been advised to teach to the Listos 3 Verde book...!

    My e-mail address is: efc_21@yahoo.co.uk

    Thank you in anticipation and if you need any help with French, just ask! Elaine x
  10. Hello Frenchgirl,

    Have just posted a reply to the final post on this discussion, but am pretty much in exactly the same position as sarah_cave23. I was just wondering if you could possibly send over the relevant docs as an e-mail attachment to me? I would be very grateful and if I can help you with anything, please just ask...!

    Many thanks,

    Elaine e-mail address: efc_21@yahoo.co.uk

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