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GCSE Sociology Schemes of work

Discussion in 'Social sciences' started by penfold25, Jun 13, 2007.

  1. I am coming to the end of my NQT year and have been teaching sociology for the first time (although it's my degree subject I didn't train in it). I have survived on some resources, no scheme of work and not really being sure if Im teaching the right thing half the time!Have created lots of powerpoints and resources and things by using the spec as my scheme, and recently ordered a 'scheme of work' from the ATSS, hoping it might have some different ways of approaching the subjects, but it only contained learning objectives and some key words?!. So, am sitting down now to attempt to write out a scheme of work and need some help- does anyone have an ideas or schemes? They don't have to be AQA, but if there are any experienced GCSE Sociology teachers willing to help out a (very enthusiastic, but floundering) NQT Id be very grateful!!
  2. p.s I'm sorry if this comes across cheekily-i.e 'can i steal your schemes of work please?' Its really not meant to be, just wanted some help really as there don't seem to be any courses for sociology NQTs to go on, so think some of my lessons could do with more exciting tasks in them?!
  3. Put up your email and I will send some very detailed material

  4. if anyone else has anything else they could send me it'd also be brilliant. many thanks in advance :)
  5. New sociology teacher also, just completed a year of Access Sociology at Level 3 and really struggled, will be teaching GCSE type sociology next year (and AS AQA) any SoW appreciated to help give me an idea of how to structure it. Email travisjodie@hotmail.com. Many thanks in advance (eilling to share my resources also)
  6. Yet another newbie sociology teacher here, looking forward to writing a scheme of work for september but would appreciate any ideas or scheme of work i can use to help write mine, will be verry happy to share resources once i find out what my new school has! Thanks

  7. Hi, I have been invited for an interview for a sociology post (even though not a specialist) and would love to see some schemes of work from more experienced teachers in the field: happy2teachsupply@yahoo.co.uk

  8. snatz

    snatz New commenter

    Hi,i am also a newbie to this subject. Infact they have offered it in school for the first time this year. The original teacher is leaving. I have nothing to start with in September except for 40 eager students and lovely pink exercise books! I do know we are going through AQA, but thats it. Has anyone been on any courses or does anyone work round the midlands area that i could visit a department? Can i also be cheeky and have a look at the sow as well?Iwould be very grateful and i can pass on any resources created. Big thank you snatz1980@yahoo.co.uk
  9. i would absolutely love to tag onto this bandwagon, as a non specialist it would be amazing to share you sow/ any resources. I have taught year 10 this year so am willing to share any of the resources I have created (not amazing!)

    Thank You

  10. Some stuff in email. If I forgot anyone, let me know
  11. snatz

    snatz New commenter

  12. For some reason, I'm getting a bad address message and the material is bouncing back

    Will try again

  13. Could I ask for some help here! I am teaching Sociology for the first time this year to year 10 and we have no schemes of work or resources. I would really appreciate it if someone could help me out. Thanking you in advance and sorry if I seem a bit cheeky, just really desperate.

    Thank you
  14. I teach GCSE sociology, i find the best thing to do is use a good textbook. I use the Jonathon Blundell textbook - each double page can be used as a 1 hour lesson.Hope this helps xx
  15. Hi, could I please have a copy of some SOW'S for gcse soc. Im an NQT to be in sept and am the only soc teahcer in my dept. email is Deena_k77@hotmail.com

    Many thanks x
  16. Hi I am new to the sociology AQA course. I am teaching year 10 amd 11 for the first time. Does anyone have any resources they could send me e.g schemes of work etc! Thankyou email is rachel_higgin_922@msn.com xx
  17. Hi, I'm teaching gcse and As sociology or the first time. Iwoud really appreciate it if you would be willing to share your Sow. Any thanks. Angela. Angela4807@aol.com
  18. Please can I get involved in this too? aimeesalegend@hotmail.co.uk any SoW's or advice muchly appreciated and I am more than happy to swop for any KS3 or 4 citizenship or history resources if you'd like them :)

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