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GCSE Science Websites Request

Discussion in 'Science' started by sideshow, Nov 7, 2011.

  1. gcse.com is ok and s-cool. You can set up a professional delicous account and save links to useful sites and stories on certain topics and they could search through your tagged sites to help reduce the search.
  2. http://www.docbrown.info/ Doc Brown's Chemistry is good for the chem topics.
  3. You could take a look at SciTEX Learning...
    There is a small selection of topics to view for free (but be wearned as they are designed for Texas, they have American spellings).
    It is still worth a look at the materials though as you may find them useful for your project and a UK national curriculum version is currently being produced in Norwich.

  4. Sorry, that should have said "warned"
  5. Thanks for your help everyone

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