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GCSE Science B and Additional Applied Science now accredited

Discussion in 'Science' started by AQA_GCSE_Sciences, Feb 11, 2011.

  1. We are pleased to announce accreditation from Ofqual for our Science B specification.

    Science B is a new GCSE for 2011, offering a single award. We developed this specification as an alternative to Science A, for teaching and learning styles that favour developing scientific knowledge and understanding through context.

    This specification offers the opportunity to gain a good understanding of a broad range of topics across biology, chemistry and physics, with an emphasis on everyday contexts.
    When combined with Additional Science (soon to be accredited), Science B offers a firm foundation to go on to study A-Level Science.
    Visit The Science Lab for more information on this, our other specifications, and the wealth of support and resources that we are offering.
  2. Congratulations! Good luck with the others.

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