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GCSE retakes- can anyone please explain?

Discussion in 'Personal' started by tod sal, Aug 25, 2011.

  1. My son needs to retake his English Lang. Apparently, his teacher said his course work is fine, but he messed up the exam. Can he use his course work and just retake the exam?Do you know when the retakes are? Thanks
  2. midnight_angel

    midnight_angel Senior commenter

    If it's coursework than that is suggesting that he has just finished Year 11? In which case, he will not be able to carry his coursework through, or even re-sit the same course for that matter, as the new GCSE specs started this September for Year 10s (now year 11s), and so last years Year 11 were the final year to complete the legacy spec. That course has now finished, and does not exist anymore!

    If he has just finished Year 10, and therefore his teacher meant his Controlled Assessments were fine, he will be able to re-sit, but candidates are only allowed to re-sit each exam unit ONCE (so they can do it twice total). The resits will be either in January or May/June 2012, whenever your son's school decide to enter him.

    Hope that helps!
  3. thnaks- that's not what he thought! he's Yr 11 and has left that school, is living away doing an apprenticeship but will be starting college in a couple of weeks 1.5 days a week.His 'employer' insists ( rightly) that if you didn't get a C in Maths and Eng then you retake or do an additional key Skills course. He is quite capable of getting a C but chose not to put in the time/ effort. So, I expect he will have to do a course for a year then.He won't be pleased, as it's an evening class some distance away but you make your bed...
  4. Just spoke to AQA and there is a resit opportunity in November and he can carry his coursework forward so it might be such a heavy workload.
  5. Thankyou- he's back now and said his teachers said he can resit- but can't always believe everything he says...( not a blatant liar, just not always on the ball.)
  6. Even if the course has ended this year, there will still be the opportunity for 'legacy' resits. The same is happening in Science and some of my Year 10 will resit modules in November even though the specification has totally changed.
  7. sleepyhead

    sleepyhead New commenter

    Not strictly true - there is a resit only opportunity in November, normally the first week in the month. Results will be in January. Cost is about £25, I think, and coursework can be carried forward.
  8. The English legacy course come to an end in Jan 2012 so your son could re-sit in November but he will need to work his butt off.
    On a separate note I am really impressed that his employer is insisting he gets a C wish there were more who woild
  9. Mmm can't see that happening...Is there anything I can do ? (even though he lives 2 hours away.)
    I will try talking to his ex-teachers in the new term, and tutors at his new college. He really is an idiot- totally brought on himself- At least he got his Maths! and thanks for replies
  10. It may be easier for him to do Level 2 key skills in numeracy. It's an online test and he may be able to do it at college. Do you know who his 'learning provider' is with his appenticeship? If it's a college then that may be his answer.

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