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GCSE results from e-aqa

Discussion in 'Personal' started by found nemo, Aug 24, 2011.

  1. Quick question. Does anyone know when the GCSE results will be available from e-aqa? I can't be **sed to drive into school but am fairly eager to find out my classes' results! I was able to access the A level results last week, but wasn't in an area with phone signal until late morning so have no idea when they were available. Thanks!
  2. I just read on a different thread that it *should* update at midnight... not sure whether to stay up or not!
  3. The results will be available from 06.00 on the day of their release (25th).
    I'll be checking them on there too, rather than heading in!
  4. From 6-00 this morning.
  5. Thanks - was up at 6.30am with a poorly hound so downloaded them then.

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