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GCSE Results 2013

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by NowaMrs, Aug 21, 2013.

  1. OCR German writing controlled assessment - 44 candidates; 1 better than I thought; 1 exactly correct; 42 worse with 1 15 raw marks lower. How is this possible when last year we were at or thereabouts for each piece of work.

    Angry doesn't every cover it: A-Level results go to show that we know what we're doing because we get amazing grades there, especially in writing.

    What's next?
  2. Plus unit 4 edexcel ums boundary up again on last year- seems unit 2 has stayed the same!! My poor team are totally deflated and can't understand it especially as our speaking scores are exactly what we moderated yet unit 4 is way off track with some a lot lower and some marked higher who I know haven't scored that high! Cross and fed-up!!
  3. curlyk

    curlyk New commenter

    So upsetting to read all these baffled and furious ( and rightly so ) teachers comments. Anyone got any ideas about mounting a mass protest, gathering support and recriminations, harnassing the help of people who count ? How about writing to MPs?Otherwise we will just be picked off as individual schools and the same farce will happen again. I refer you to last years GCSE results posts.Thus far and no further, please !

    Perhaps the investigation into language provision that the powers that be are setting up, to look at the drop in A levels uptake, could start with the exam boards .
  4. chriszwinter1

    chriszwinter1 New commenter

    I've said it before but I'm going to annoy people by saying it again. We need to separate teaching from learning and learning from examining. Teachers should do what we're paid to do: get kids ready for exams. The little darlings should do what is expected of them: learn for the exams, with our help and guidance. The exam boards should do what we pay them for: examine.

    If I wanted to be an examiner, and believe me I don't, I would apply, but these exam boards need us. We have this insane situation by them for what one of the people they pay with our money considers to be a discrepancy in the addition of the marks, or a misinterpretation of the mark scheme, or a failure to conduct the exam properly, or some problem with their bureaucratic paperwork ("Form BS1 wasn't filled in properly, so we're returning it to you and would advise you that any delay in getting it back to us could jeopardise the timely publication of the results." or some such drivel, to which we should in reply invite them to go and multiply.)

    I think we have several options:

    [*]refuse to do any work for an exam board - in mfl terms, that would mean no marking of coursework or conducting of speaking tests at any level. It would mean that the exam boards had to find the examiners for themselves.
    [*]cheat like hell - submit identical, word perfect coursework for GCSE which would include subjunctives, modals and passives, all way above the level required, for every candidate. With speaking, let the kids read off whatever they like, including stuff like "noo voo dree on" for "nous voudrions".
    We have to bring this whole silly, dishonest and outrageous farce to an end, but it'll never happen because there are too many vested interests and willing accomplices to the politicians who perpetuate the system by which we answer to them instead of them answering to us.

    Rant over, and too many subordinate clauses used. Sorry about that.
  5. curlyk

    curlyk New commenter

    I think you have summed up what a great many of us feel.But you know we won`t mess up the system and take our protests too far , for the students sake. Teachers care too much, so the powers that be have us over a barrel.
  6. chriszwinter1

    chriszwinter1 New commenter

    That's the favourite line of those who only meet the students when posing for photo for the local rag on results day. Interestingly, when asking those who "do it for the students" if they would do it voluntarily, they get very shy and their moral high ground begins to give way. They do it for the money.
  7. Anybody know if there is a "within tolerance level" for moderating Edexcel controlled speaking assessments? Our work has been changed, but in many cases only by 1 mark! This has lost us a couple of grade Cs. I thought +/-1 mark was deemed within tolerance.. Am I mistaken about this too....?! Having a crisis of confidence! :(
  8. Are you going to ask for remarking? We have lots of very upset students! We were in a similar situation after 2011 series and exam board took a firm party line. Notvsurexwhere to go from here!
  9. Not sure. We had some work remarked last year which was clearly incorrectly marked based on years of exam experience within the department and the appeal was rejected! Just want to check on the line with tolerance in marking before contacting them about a 1 mark down mark!
  10. Random175

    Random175 New commenter

    Having said that overall the marks seemed fair, I have managed to get onto the secure website and checked the writing marks - there is some very dodgy marking on there. Happily the worst differences are those for students who have been marked far too generously. Those who are lower are just one mark lower and therefore didn't make a difference to the overall grade.
  11. A little birdie told me ;-) that Edexcel felt that French was being graded more generously than some other languages. Some assessors felt that German was marked slightly more leniently this year than last, although this has been wiped out by the higher grade boundary. Interesting that French and German now have the same C grade boundary.
  12. I have been scouring the internet to find the national averages for MFL, but have been unable to find them (normally on the BBC site!). Has anybody found them? I'd be really grateful for the link if you have... Thanks..
  13. JCQ website would indicate 70% A*-C nationally.
  14. Thanks - located all of the information required for the exam analysis documentation now! Thank you!!
  15. This happened to us last year "within boundaries" means that if your mark is within two marks of the moderator nothing gets changed ( there are two moderators btw) if you are out of this tolerance they work out a formula (forgot the proper mathematical term) and adjust your marks accordingly. I sat down with a maths teacher and we drew graphs and all sorts. Our problem had been that we were too generous with our highest scoring candidate plus they were being MEAN by penalising a student whose presentation was 58 seconds!!
  16. My 44 German pupils range from 19 marks below our marking to to 12 above in writing and my 41 french pupils range from 13 below to 7 above! Aqa too! I am either harsh or lenient but that kind of discrepancy is crazy! Our speaking marks have been moved for both too but by a range of 6 to 10 marks below. I thought if you were out the same number of marks was taken off each child? It's so long since I had changes I don't know anymore.
  17. sarahebery

    sarahebery New commenter

    and ours ...german at OCR ..most kids 3 bs and an E in the written ! It has played havoc with our c grades ..
  18. I think we should replace the whole lot with a simple test - parachute all candidates into the relevant country for 24 hours and see if they can perform certain tasks. ;-)

    Seriously, if they all wrote in alexandrine couplets, using obscure and little-used tenses, the number achieving an A* would still be limited to whatever figure has been decreed from high.

    Headteachers who don't understand anything other than data and the printouts resulting from number crunching should be sacked. Education shouldn't be about tinkering about with grade boundaries to achieve the outcomes the politicians of the day want. We should be standing back and asking what pupils can actually do after five years of secondary education.
  19. veverett

    veverett Occasional commenter

    AQA Spanish Unit 4 (writing) shock results. Great pupils, worked hard since starting Spanish in Y9. Great results in L, R, Sp. Written CA was 3 or 4 grades below expectations for most pupils.
  20. goldglitter

    goldglitter New commenter

    It is so frustrating. Having just analysed our figures in more detail I am in exactly the same boat as most of the members here. What is baffling is that A* kids who have full marks in both papers, and even two who have full marks in speaking, have been graded down to low As and Bs in their writing! I have A* kids who have been marked the same as C grade kids for their writing, which seems to be completely bonkers. Strangely, some of the lower end C grade kids have been marked rather more generously. I simply cannot see how we have not been awarded ANY A* in writing when we have 8 A* results overall. An insult to our intelligence. I shall be pushing for remarks of key students and also writing a letter of complaint and threatening to change exam boards. How do I now confidently tell a student I know what an A* piece of coursework looks like??

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