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GCSE Results 2013

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by NowaMrs, Aug 21, 2013.

  1. Hi Henriette. Do you use AQA as our situation seems to mirror yours for French. Spanish and German ok but French significantly down for speaking and writing despite stringent moderation! Anyone else in this situation?
  2. We're AQA and have been marked down by at least 1 grade if not 2 on the writing paper. I predicted one girl an A/ A# on the writing paper and she came out with a C. She got an A# and an A for the exam modules but came out with a B in the end and we nearly lost her at AS level as this grade is below that of her other subjects.

    Has anyone else found a similar problem with AQA?

    Does anyone have any suggestions about a fairer exam board (!)? Edexcel doesn't seem the way to go...
  3. We use the WJEC and are in a similar position with the only difference being that it is the listening and reading paper that caused the problem. The cut off points have changed by one grade from last year. It has affected almost every pupil in our cohort. It only applies to the Higher Paper though which would indicate that the board have tried to lower the upper grades mainly. Well, they have truly succeeded in our case.
  4. Me too. Students entered for higher listening (who had good results on past papers) all did really badly and we've ended up with lots of Ds as a result. Not sure if the paper was much harder, the boundaries moved or ?. I will get some photocopies sent and see what I make of the marking. I don't know how else you can decide who does higher - if they get the grade on the past papers, they should get it every time (surely!!??)
  5. Yes - but it seems only for Spanish
  6. Higher Reading (Edexcel) seems to have been difficult too. We only enter best students for higher and take a few gambles. Suffice to say it;s not paid off for any of them.
  7. I get the feeling that this has happened in all boards on the instructions of the QCA in line with English and Maths. It is very frustrating, as I would have entered many pupils in a different tier, had I known this. We had quite a few Us in the Higher Listening paper, which would previously have been Ds on previous marking. The paper was also far more difficult than all previous papers. So not only were the cut off points changed, but also the paper itself. Double whammy. Not happy and a letter of complaint will certainly be posted. Appealing not sure, as it would mean marking would have to be changed for every candidate entered in MFL. That is never going to happen :(
  8. ambi

    ambi New commenter

    It's a bit of a mystery that (for AQA Spanish) most of my writing marks are what I would have said more or less with a few marks here or there but one of them is 18 raw marks below what I predicted and another 12 raw marks below which is a hell of a discrepancy! Not happy about that but the overall grades for both pupils are in line with what they probably merited so will probably not question it.
  9. To say I am DISGUSTED would be an understatement.

    AQA French - pupils with FULL MARKS in Reading and LIstening and high A* in Speaking have been awarded low B (and even in some cases a C) in Writing. Result? Lots of overall A grades but not a single A* in the class.

    Why do we have to put up with this farce?
  10. PRECISELY! My husband's just come in and I'm ranting at him now. One students' work has a 16 mark discrepancy between our marks and the examiner, so that's 8 marks difference per essay. Given that there are only 3 categories for the written work (communication 15, range 10, accuracy 5) I'm struggling to understand how we can be so wrong????!!!
  11. curlyk

    curlyk New commenter

    We are not wrong. But where does the blame now lie.?
  12. Not sure tbh but I know we will be taking further action of some sort....
  13. curlyk

    curlyk New commenter

    I think I know what the French would be doing about this !

    How much more interference and meddling with results can they impose on us and not expect a backlash ? ?
  14. Again, not happy that others are suffering the same fate, but relieved at it isnt just me. I have trawled through my Unit 4 with AQA and one student got C,B,D and a G in Writing, thus, D overall when she should have been a C. A G?! I just relooked at my predictions which AQA demanded(heavens knows why since they clearly dont give a hoot about descripincies) and I marked her as having 40/60 and she ended up with 15!!!!! So, they are saying I am out by 25 marks?! I wouldnt have even said one of her writings were 15, let alone both of them! I am just gobsmacked! New to HOD role, wasnt expecting this at all :(

    It is also funny that I was an AQA moderator this year......Clearly I dont know what i am doing!

    Actually it would be funny if it wasnt so darn disheartening and frustrating
  15. Just checked my writing marks against AQA's. I am awarding a whole 10 marks more over the two pieces than AQA does. How can I be that wrong!! I've been doing this for years. Easy for next year, just take 5 away from each. :-(
  16. Sorry about typos-ipad + anger= bad spelling
  17. Plus, there doesnt even seem to have been ANY sort of standardisation on AQAs part; one kid who really IS a grade F/G got the same grade as this student who IS a C grade student, if you were to read both their pieces, honestly, they are not the same sort of G grade......am utterly baffled :( :( it really is like ours were marked by a really cross/angry examiner who did a rush job on it.........something has to be done.
  18. Similarly, we have the same marks awarded to pupils intent on studying French at A Level, and to those who should probably not even have attempted GCSE - completely different levels of language awareness, vocab, structures etc awarded the same mark.

    OK - so what are we going to do about it? We have started by ordering remarks of a few key pupils.
  19. We are in exactly the same position. Edexcel exam board- unit 4 results way out to what a whole team of experienced teachers have awarded and that's after whole team standardisation meetings. According to the Edexcel specimen papers/ graded examples given on their website, we're marking to the same standard, yet when the papers come back they are 2 grades difference in some cases which has dropped our C candidates to Ds having a totally detrimental effect on our overall percentage. Our next steps are to contact Edexcel..from all of the posts I've seen today, surely we can't all be wrong?
  20. The problem is human and I apologise in advance to any markers on this thread who I am sure try their best. We have enough problems moderating speaking and writing in school at multiple reprises and I know from prev. experience as and examiner and team leader how crushing the workload can be. It is therefore inevitable that rogue marking occurs and you need to appeal every case. I would also recommend strongly worded letters of support in addition to the formal EAR process, which to me has always seemed rather anodyne.

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