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GCSE Results 2013

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by NowaMrs, Aug 21, 2013.

  1. Getting the thread started early!

    Good luck for tomorrow, everyone; students and staff! Fingers crossed that the exam boards have been fair......!!!!!!! (We're AQA)
  2. curlyk

    curlyk New commenter

    I already feel sick to my stomach. I have done this for 34 years. You would think I wouldn`t care so much by now.Especially as most pupils just look at their English,Maths and Science results and then glance at their MFL one. They often seem surprised when the do better in a MFL than in their own language !! All the hints about strict marking on other posts have not helped tonight.So much for the confidentiality of results.! What was that all about, a bit of a power trip from someone ?
  3. chriszwinter1

    chriszwinter1 New commenter

    Yes, I would think that.

    They learn that attitude from the government, SLT, etc.

    And when the exam boards get wind of it, and they will, they'll put a stop to releasing them early subject to confidentiality. Is it a race to see who can get the results first?

    A former DH of mine used to be at the post office at 6.30 in the morning to get them and then in the early days of the internet was online at the stroke of midnight. This was all for the head, because he wanted an analysis and a selection of high achieving kids for his photo in the local rag. Sheer insanity on the part of the DH, who thought he was being a hero and who should have told the head to get up early himself or shove it all up his .....
  4. As I said, it was the people tweeting their results yesterday, using their real names, which I found ridiculous......and certain groups asking SLT to discuss theirs under a certain hashtag.....not many did, thankfully, but still, madness!!!
  5. henriette

    henriette New commenter

    A small cohort for French (22): with the exception of those who were never going to get more than E, every single student gained 1 grade lower than I expected.

    Spanish (38 students) did better, but again, the should-be Bs got C, the Cs got Ds.

    However, a combined 69% ain't too bad.
  6. We do Edexcel and grades are dire. I feel that learners who would have achieved a C easily last year have got D. The writing seems to have been marked much more harshly than in the last few years. Really disappointing results....
  7. copperbeech

    copperbeech New commenter

    Is it the grade boundaries which have gone up rather than the marking which has become harsher?
  8. We're Edexcel. Our grades have gone down. The written controlled assessments seems to have been marked really harshly, some students are 2 grades below what we 'predicted' when we marked the written ones ourselves. It's really affected our A*-C. Can't wait for September now. Anyone else in this boat?
  9. Mariposa - we are in exactly the same boat and am relieved to hear someone else experiencing the same (not meaning to wish ill on anybody, but just relieved have not suddenly done something so radically wrong this year!). Our A*-C down almost 20% because of it. Dreadful...
  10. Random175

    Random175 New commenter

    I have not seen the break down of results by skill but we are fairly happy with the results overall. Just a couple of children who I felt deserved the C but equally a couple who managed to get lucky and scrape a C.
  11. crabbie_pirate

    crabbie_pirate New commenter

    We're AQA. Most of ours have fallen at the French listening part in both higher and foundation - all students entered for higher were getting high Cs or above in the two months leading up to the exam and we have 1A*, 1B and the rest c/d/e. German writing has significantly different (lower) marks to speaking for several students... :-( Results down around 10%.
  12. Our results have improved on last yr but students missed out on Cs overall because of their Unit 4 marks.....we seem to have drastically under-predicted, but I dont understand...? We're AQA by the way.....Unit 3 is ok but the writing is such a shame :(
  13. galagala

    galagala New commenter

    Same here, mariposa. I could have written that post myself. Results way, way down. Listening higher results being the worst ones we've ever had.
  14. We used Edexcel and I completely agree with other comments. Grades on the whole lower than expected. A lot of students who I thought would get a C ended up with D. Haven't seen a detailed breakdown to do any analysis yet so unsure whether grade boundaries have got harder or whether marking was harsher or whether it's just that we didn't teach them well enough. Looking at the news, the amount of A-C grades has had a historic drop this year. In some ways I think that's a good thing, but if exam boards were planning to drastically change grade boundaries it would be good to share that with teachers. All we can ever go on is last year's boundaries and on the basis of those, far more of our students should have got a C grade! If we were properly informed in advance what the boundaries would be, we would be able to spot students who were struggling to reach a C and intervene accordingly. It's got me riled! Anyway, glad lots of us are in the same boat.
  15. The grade boundaries have now been made higher for the third year running - see my thread on Edexcel's rising thresholds for further details.
  16. goldglitter

    goldglitter New commenter

    Completely agree that Unit 4 writing has been marked way down - we're with AQA Spanish and most candidates have been marked down by a grade at least. Really shocking.
  17. I feel totally disheartened. We do Edexcel and have had our Unit 4 grades dropped by at least 1 or 2 grades. This has meant an overall drop...most students getting a grade lower than we predicted. We are an experienced team and feel we are battling against obstacles. Really shocked, angry but unsure what to do?
  18. I've just been onto Edexcel Results Plus and it looks like a lot of our students were let down by the higher reading papers. We only entered our very best students for higher listening and they mostly did ok, but not enough to get the A grade targets they had, but still managed Bs or Cs overall. We put a lot of students in for higher reading though and many of them have come out with Ds! We did take a bit of a gamble but the students we entered for higher reading were achieving well in the past papers they were doing and mocks so we figured they'd cope. The higher reading paper for Edexcel did look rather hard on the day though and has definitely had an impact. Most of our students did ok in their writing. Listening let some of them down because it's a weaker skill for them but we expected that. I've seen on the JCQ website that national A*-C for all boards was 70%, but can't seem to find what the Edexcel national pass rate was, though have been able to compare to similar centres. Anyone had any joy in finding the Edexcel national pass rate please? That would help me immensely!
  19. Whilst I'm sorry others are in this situation, it makes me feel less of a failure. I've gone past the upset phase - I'm just angry now. I've banged on for months to these students about how to get an A* in a written controlled assesssment. The bright ones have dutifully taken it all in and produced A* work. Or what I thought was A* work! One student is near fluent (lived in Spain) and has dropped many marks from what I thought she had on the written work.

    My marks have never been so dramatically out of place. 1 or 2 points here or there but one student is 16 marks (not UMA) below the mark I predicted for the 2 essays overall. How can I (and my team who I moderate with) be sooo wrong? The grade boundaries appear to be the same as last year, so have we just had an examiner with the hump?

    Oh and the first parental email has just pinged in asking me to explain all this away!!! This kid in question should have a B/C. Got a D.
  20. Your situation mirrors ours

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