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GCSE Resistant Materials Edexcel

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by timba, Nov 10, 2011.

  1. We have been delivering this spec since the change around in 2009 and delighted with the first set of resultsthis year. A really well laid out, pragmatic spec. We moved from OCR who really appeared to lose the plot with their new specification. The controlled assesment part is really flexible and being able to deliver separate design and make tasks is excellent and makes the practical element much more managable, i.e. students can design one product and then all make something different. I still allow my more enthusiastic/able students to design and make their own product but most students are 'guided' towards making 'standard jobs'. This is brilliant as you can demonstrate one process and let the students get on with it, moreso there is also an ele,ent that if a student is stuck they can seek guidance from there peers. More often than not Y11 practical lessons are very productive with few students hanging around waiting for help.The text book available is also very useful.
  2. Brilliant Board. I to moved from OCR. Edexcel SOW easy to follow .
  3. What sort of things have you done for the major project?
  4. Coffee tables are a popular theme. Most students design coffee tables, or storage for CDs, DVDs etc. But when it comes to making I have 2 or 3 standard coffee tables. One of which is a knock-down version that comprises of two timber frames with mortise and tenon joints that are secured together with 4 steel tubes that have had end caps braised on then parallel turned with a thread tapped into each end. The important thing is to ensure that the projects have a good range of skills that can help students hit the higher level assessment criteria whilst producing a good quality final outcome. It worked really well last year and with some fine tuning is working even better this year. Strangely enough I have two students who are designing and making bird boxes, they have been really creative in their ideas and have come up with concepts that both look good and include a comprehensive range of skills that will enable themn to score well. I may look to do more bird boxes next year, also more economical on material!

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