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GCSE Psychology

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by mariewilson, Jun 17, 2019.

  1. mariewilson

    mariewilson New commenter

    Hi, we are looking to start GCSE psychology in our school and wondered if anybody out there who teaches it could give us some advice. We want to know what subjects it is blocked against when choosing options and also how decisions are made about selecting students if there are too many apply to do the course? Any help/advice is welcomed. Thanks
  2. pcbarnes

    pcbarnes New commenter


    I'm sure this it probably too late for you to make this decision. I have never opened up the forums on TES before but decided to today following some disappointing GCSE Psychology results.

    We have 2 blocks of GCSE Psychology next year and I think it is blocked against subjects like RS, Geography, Music, Art...I can check if that helps?

    With regard to the students who take this subject, I would say it is important that they understand it has a high scientific content. Alongside this, most of the content will be new to your students and there are lots of studies and theories for them to get to grips with, much like A Level though obviously not as detailed or extensive.

    We start the teaching in Y10 and for the past 2 years we had 4 x 35 minute periods for them to learn in. We have made the decision for next year to increase this to 5 x 35 minute periods as it was tough getting through the content. That was probably, in part, because it was a new curriculum and we also took time out to conduct some research of our own. We ended up needing to use some of the school holidays to add extra lessons (i teach in a small independent school so we lose more lessons than state schools, I suspect, to house competitions etc and longer holidays, so this issue may not be so difficult in the state sector). We only just got through the course. I expect it will be better the second time round.

    Not sure if any of this helps...
  3. suertesamp

    suertesamp New commenter

    Psychology graduate here. Never taught psychology.
    I have worked in 2 schools now which at one point had psychology on the curricullum before I started. Both schools discontinued the course because students found it too difficult. The GCSE results were very bad. I do not think learning psychology is suitable at KS4. If they want to learn it, they should work hard on their science GCSE and essay writing skills then go on to do it at A-Level.
    Thats just my opinion. Please do correct me if I'm wrong.

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