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GCSE photography

Discussion in 'Art and design' started by dawnrogers, Sep 17, 2012.

  1. Hi
    I'm teaching the short one year GCSE photography course this year, I wondered if anyone had any scheme of work ideas they might be prepared to share with me?
    The students are really keen and are picking up the technical,side but I'm looking for new ideas to go forward with.
    Any suggestions would be very welcome.
  2. jono1701

    jono1701 New commenter

  3. Paulatwork

    Paulatwork New commenter

    I'd be interested to see your scheme too if possible. We run moderately successful courses and I'd like to raise them to very [​IMG]
  4. artcrisis

    artcrisis New commenter

    Worth going on a course for this?
  5. Please may I, too? I'm just delivering the GCSE course for the first time nervously! My most vulnerable areas are in guaging the right pitch. Incidentally, I can vouch for the usefulness of Susan Coles' Lighthouse course.


  6. elainemariemorgan@hotmail.com
  7. Sorry to add to your burden but I wonder if I might also request more information on the way you deliver your GCSE and A levels.
    My wife and I teach in Primary and Sec schools in West London and have been asked to provide GCSE support in several schools.
    thanks very much Philip
  8. Dear spencer762, could I also be cheeky and ask to see your scheme of work as I am also teaching photography gcse with the first cohort in my school.
  9. I'd be interested in this as well. I'll message you my email.
  10. pinnylady

    pinnylady New commenter

    I would also appreciate a copy if that's ok, I've put together some stuff of my own but would like to see what I might have missed.

    Many thanks

  11. could I also be cheeky and ask for anything you can spare?....guntastolzl123@outlook.com...I have started a board on Pinterest which you might be useful !.....pinterest.com/.../i-am-a-camera.....
  12. Hi just joining this group as I'll be running a one year photography GCSE next year. My colleague is going on a course in July and we have a day for planning what we're going to deliver. Found some good links on pintrest and an interesting blog through NSEAD. I'd really like to know what your experiences of delivering the exam are please - any hints or tips gratefully recieved!
  13. co803cm

    co803cm New commenter

    Artcrisis's link above looks like an ideal course for you - alas, not 'till November though if I read the dates correctly. (I like you was seeing what photographic groups were available on TES ... does seem to be a case of tumbleweed city - love the Avatar btw!)
  14. spencer762 - would it be possible to see your department's approach to Photography - t.smith@cantab.net


  15. JosieWhitehead

    JosieWhitehead Star commenter

    I'm a children's poet and would you like to hold a photography competition for a photograph to illustrate a poem? The winning photo could go on my website with the poem and children would know that their photograph, with my poem, would go into classrooms worldwide. Last year my poems went into classrooms in 188 countries. Dawn, contact me. My email is on my Welcome Page (Google JOSIE'S POEMS).
  16. teega

    teega New commenter

    Hi I am anothone who needs help with providing a better GCSE course so would appreciate seeing yours.


    Many thanks
  17. Collaboration is the key to greater success, well thats my moto and I would love to ask for your overview/SOW for photography as I am hoping to offer it next year and have not started to work it out....but if you are amenable to sharing that would be wonerful....my email trella.jennings@gmail.com - and I really would appreciate anything that will guide me thourhg what is needed etc and a SOW or two to see how i could adapt! thanks in advance. Bestest, Stella
  18. Like most people in the forum, I am also new to the AQA GCSE, AS and A-Level Photography course. I'll be teaching both GCSE and AS in the fall and would love to get started on developing (or acquiring) the resources and wrapping my head around a scheme of work.

    If anyone can offer assistance I can be reached at aleks.todorovic@johnmadejskiacademy.co.uk

    I'll happily share resources I develop during the year if anyone is interested.

    Many thanks!


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