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GCSE Photography - British..ness....Project (HELP)

Discussion in 'Art and design' started by rurt, Apr 23, 2012.

  1. Hi,
    Starting a new GCSE course in Setember and just musing over the structure. I think I intend to run the first term as skills, knowledge and understanding (pin hole, photograms, film photography, genres, research and analysis skills, assessment objectives, camera skills etc) For term two I was thinking of introducing the first major project and I'm thinking about something akin to British..ness. I thought this would be ok as it could go still life, portrait or landscape. I personally like Parr and Billingham however not having a photography background I'm wondering if I can get some help on other key photographer to look at? any suggestions would be great for this.
    Many thanks
  2. Rankin has proved popular with our pupils, this year. How about David Bailey - constructing the Britishness of the 60s? Hockey's use of photography, too, is ever inventive.

    I'm also introducing Gcse photography without a photography background this September. Am a little anxious about it so would be keen to share experiences if you're up for it
  3. Hi,
    Drop me your email address and lets chat...two brains and all
  4. look at Daniel Meadows - Photobus project - outstanding - very good website www.photobus.co.uk

    also Tony Ray Jones

    Ian Berry - The English - both he and Meadows were first to get Arts Council grants in the 1970's as photogrpahers.

  5. Martin Parr's British seaside images are quite suitable. He's in vogue at the moment so you can find lots of info about him.

  6. Take a look at Simon Roberts. He produced a project recently on the 'English' and an excellent blog while he was researching and working on it. He is an excellent contemporary photographer and I like that he includes his ways of working and thinking as part of the project, which I think would be very useful for your students.


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