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GCSE Performing Arts for the first time!

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by gilberd, Aug 27, 2011.

  1. I am teaching GCSE Performing Arts for the first time and am not sure where to start. My school is running it as an alternative to GCSE Music so it has to be largely music based. I am a music teacher with no experience of delivering any of the other performance arts so wondered if anyone knew where I could begin?
  2. I am also a music teacher teaching AQA GCSE Performing Arts. I teach it as an extra GCSE, one hour a week after school over two years (year 9 and 10), for selected students. My first group have just completed and have done well. What I particularly like about the course is that the marking seems very transparent compared to GCSE Music. The Unit 2 is marked with an examiner and you discuss your marking together and compromise on the grades awarded. And my Unit 1 marks were not moved.
    I start with a skills audit, looking at what they can do, and what they need to learn and improve. We look at their previous performing arts experience and the course requirements. Then we look at jobs in the performing arts industry - they do this in groups, creating model maps and then we feed it into a large one on the board. They also look at how to organise an event. By week three I give them their first commission, to create a 10 minute performance in groups for Year 6 open evening.
    The most important thing for students to remember is everything goes into their portfolio and they must keep annotated copies of everything and make notes on their meetings, thoughts, ideas etc.
    I made contact with a local centre and spoke to them about what they did and pinched lots of resources. They are also there when I need help. As it turned out they were also my moderator for the Unit 2. The exam board do a good course called something like "starting your portfolio" which is really good.
    I hope this helps! And good luck!


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