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GCSE PE Edexcel Exam (Tuesday 24th May 2011) - Feedback...

Discussion in 'Physical education' started by d.white, May 26, 2011.

  1. I thought it was very different to the previous years exams. Even some of the 1 mark questions were very wordy and not really asking for a straight forward yes or no factual type answer. Too often i think the students will have got lost or missunderstood what the question was asking for.
    Just seems they were asked a question about anything and then expecting the students to relate the answer to 'Healthy, Active Lifestyle's'
    Q11 for example...........are they after the Skeletal systems functions their?? Movement, protection, shape/support??? If yes why say role and not function??
    How open ended is Q 7??
    Will they accept every possible injury? Fracture of cheek bone/nose/jaw, cut, graize, bruise....or are they looking for concussion and an other? Even though below are the only injuries i can find mentioned in the new spec! Quite hard for students to relate to those when the picture shows a football being smacked into a players face?
    <font face="Verdana" size="2" color="#00005a"></font><font face="Verdana" size="2" color="#00005a"><font face="Verdana" size="2" color="#00005a">the potential for injuries such as fractures (compound, greenstick,
    </font></font><font face="Verdana" size="2" color="#00005a">simple, stress) and joint injuries (tennis elbow, golfer&rsquo;s elbow,
    </font><font face="Verdana" size="2" color="#00005a">dislocation, sprain, torn cartilage), and their treatment using
    common techniques such as RICE (rest, ice, compression,
    </font><font face="Verdana" size="2" color="#00005a">elevation)
    I also thought they were only getting 1 question worth 6 marks not 2!

  2. Yeah i was shocked at the total lack of training method, principles of training, FITT principles, Health related and skill related questions. As this was drilled into the students plus the other areas as well.
    Why get the students to spend so much time on their PEP and then hardly ask any questions on those areas???
    The content of the new spec is easier but the way the questions have been written is much harder now and like you say is it really testing their knowledge OR ability to understand the question and create an answer.

  3. TomCollier

    TomCollier New commenter

    I was hoping more people would have a view on the matter as the content did seem quite strange to me. Moreover, talking to colleagues in my LEA they have also expresed rather similar views in terms of their surprise at the exam paper's content.

    Would anyone like to contribute...
  4. Upon receiving the results today I am astonished that students that have received A*s and As across the board gained Cs and Ds in the written exam. I have heard from other schools who claim similar scenarios.
  5. <ol>[*]I'm shocked at the results some of our kids have got. Top performing students getting astonishingly low scores on the theory paper, the PE result sticking out like a sore thumb. </ol>
  6. I totally agree. My results are 20% down on prediction and this is down to very poor grades on the theory paper. I am glad to see its not just us.Something is not right when top students are getting Ds on the paper.
  7. Our theory are also down a lot. Predicted A* pupils have ended up with D in their theory papers! One pupil with 69/80 got A* on theory and then a pupil with 58/80 got a D grade? The grade bounderies are ridiculously close together!
  8. Our school has been shocked at the theory grades pupils have received, majority of pupils received the grade D or below in the exam. It will be interesting to see the results plus at what they were expecting from some of the questions in the exam.
  9. I agree, my results not up to scratch..

    2 problems..

    reducing the content and the total mark means there is much more luck involved

    secondly they have started to word the questions to catch out pupils rather than to test their knowledge...

    but you know what they say about the guys that write these papers.. just like all the ofsted lot.. they are all failed teachers without a clue on whats best for the pupils..

    good luck anyone moving onto a level PE now they have cut out all the devent scientific theory knowledge.. such a massive jump now than before!..

    idiots.. complete idiots!
  10. well said....

    they are de ones ruining de students and the us the teachers..

    so unfair all the work that is put in to this by all parties and to be shafted by a bunch of failures..

  11. Hi guys,

    I am quite relieved to see that the problem is nationally and not just at our school! the results whilst not awful due to good practical scores, are significantly lower than predicted for all students theoretically. The students themselves are relatively intelligent and were performing well in mocks etc so to see their grades a good 3 or 4 lower than predicted was obviously a real concern!!! this has also had a devastating effect on their progression into as level as the criteria is a b in their theory paper!! is it worth complaining to the exam board?? We spent a long time covering all topics in depth, studying the long answer question and ensuring that 1 mark answers were answered factually - i am tempted to recall all their papers to see just where they went so wrong!!!! i am gutted for them as well dissapointed in the scores myself as i feel they reflect poorly on me as a teacher!
    any thoughts??

  12. Our theory results were also C,D,E We were really shocked.
  13. I agree, we are going to recall all papers to do the same. Our students also struggled with their applications for AS levels. I have been keeping an eye on the edexcel webiste to see if there is any feedback courses/ meetings. I doubt it. I will be emailing Penny Lewis to ask for some more information
  14. We Are querying all of our results with Edexcel and i suggest everyone to do the same. We only picked this up after asking for a re-mark and copy of paper for one of our A grade students who got a D in her paper. When we received her paper the last 2 pages were missing the the 6 mark questions and that was what they were reporting as her mark for the paper even though on the front of the paper it says a completely different mark that is about 10 marks higher.

    I suggest everyone who has used Edexcel check all of their carefully, if you use report plus you can see if there are any mistakes on there via the student analysis pages as well.

  15. We had some top students taking the paper this year - only 3 out of 29 got a c grade in the theory paper according to the results you print out on results day. The studetns went home thinking they had got d, e grades in the theory paper - for some of them the worst grade by miles!
    However when you look on Results plus at the actual mark they got on the paper it is totally different - one girl ( an A* student) was told she had 46 / 80 and had scored a D grade. When you look at her actual paper the mark is 60 / 80. We looked at all of our students and the drop in marks ranges from 6 to 15 marks.
    Edexcel claim it is because they have to make sure the grades each year have the same value? or something along those lines.
    Basically they have set a really bad paper that has been unable to differentiate - the PE advsior told me that to get an A* you needed to get - raw marks - 66/80 an A 64, a B 62, a C 60 and a D 50.
    The students marks were then UMS'd to ensure that Edexcel got their perfect normal distribution!
    What annoys me more than anything else is that the students have been misled - they think they did badly in a theory exam when in most cases they haven't. Their mark has been cut because the exam board couldn't set a fair paper.
    Please check your actual raw marks - in Results Plus under Paper Analysis - when you load up a student you will see the mark that edexcel gave them - click on paper analysis and it shows you what they actually got - we are going to make sure the students know what their real theory mark is!

    Ring edexcel speak to the PE Advisor and have a good moan - we are also looking at what else we can do reagrds appeals etc.

  16. thanks for your explanation, makes sense but seems completely biaised towards the exam board and not at all in the interest of the student! how unfair


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