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Discussion in 'Music' started by cate50, Aug 2, 2015.

  1. cate50

    cate50 New commenter

    Hi all,

    I know most people are on holiday and trying not to think about school but I'm afraid that, after two weeks of sleepless nights, I have been forced to start thinking. I am taking over a performing arts department in September and it is my first middle management role. One of the things I have to decide is what to do with the KS3/4 music curriculum. Currently there is a VERY small group of GCSE students and no uptake for next year. I had decided upon running a BTEC as an alternative whilst I worked on raising the profile of the subject and gaining more interest but have since been warned off this by other experienced heads of Music. I am conscious that whatever I choose to do will impact upon the KS3 music curriculum and new planning needs to be in place before September for everything. I know that decision making is part of the job but I feel sick at the thought that the wrong choice could mean huge amounts of work and potentially being stuck with something unworkable for a further two years. Can anyone give their thoughts on BTEC vs GCSE, preferred exam boards and their reasons for choosing the avenue they did?

    Many thanks x
  2. Dear Cate50,

    I am the Subject Advisor for Music and Music Technology at Pearson and I can help with any queries you may have about Edexcel and BTEC Music qualifications.

    I'm sure this is a very tough decision and I would like to try and give you some more information so that you can make your choice.

    As you are probably aware the specification for GCSE will change in 2016 and at present the only specifications available are draft ones. Link for the draft is below.


    On this page is also a link to a PDF for our Launch Events for the new specification and links to the training we offer.

    The current GCSE Music (2009) specification can be found at the link below.


    This also includes links to training offered and other supporting documents.

    The BTEC L2 specification began in 2013 and the current specification can be found at the link below.


    This page includes links to training and other supporting documents.

    You can also receive updates and support by signing up to our newsletters and following us on Twitter @TeachingMusic1 or liking our page on Facebook - www.facebook.com/TeachingMusic1

    I hope this can help in your decision making and if you have any further questions please feel free to email me at teachingmusic@pearson.com

    Kind regards,

    Jeffery Hole

    Subject Advisor Music and Music Technology

    Pearson UK

    190 High Holborn

    London WC1V 7BH


    Always Learning

    Learn more at www.pearson.com

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