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GCSE on 1 hour a week- is it do-able?

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by b_m, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. b_m

    b_m New commenter

    Hi all
    With all the changes to the courses, has anyone looked at what has been reaccredited (or at least, what is being offered?) for next year?
    We've experimented with DiDA and Nationals, but i'd still like to get a "proper" GCSE route as it will sit better with our parents.
    Does anyone know of an ICT GCSE that could be done on 1 hour a week across 2 years?
  2. tjra

    tjra Occasional commenter

    Assuming you're teaching 40 weeks in a year then that's 80 lessons over 2 years (actually more like 60 if you include missed lessons and the last 2/3 of the Year 11 summer term). No full GCSE courses have that quantity of GLH.
  3. Spot on, there are no worthwhile courses anymore you could cram in. We're scrapping a core qualification from next year and increasing our option offer, offering both Comp Sci and ICT
  4. We only have one lesson a fortnight "what Id do for one lesson a week - luxury". All options dropped told we have to get all pupils through GCSE ICT - we have dropped Nationals.
  5. It's impossible to do because of the coursework. You might get them through the half course but hey, don't get worked up about it. Do the maths, the hours you have to teach against the recommended hours for a GCSE course (120) and then email them off to the Head with a clear statement that it is impossible to do in the time allocated and that you strongly recommend that they do the half course. Your **** is covered when the sh 1T hits the fan and you can look smug.
  6. b_m

    b_m New commenter

    Thank you for all the feedback.
    The problem I have is that we are currently doing Nationals but it seems to have a horrendous workload in terms of assessment as basically everything has to be checked against the assessment cover sheets.
    Also, if any pupil is away for a week or 2 they will have massive chunks missing from their work, e.g. if working on a database one week, then doing queries/ reports the next, this child won't have the file at all, meaning more staff time attempting to get them up to date.
    What is a short course actually worth- in terms of league tables etc?

  7. Think youll find that its the same with the GCSE as well
  8. And this is why we're in the situation we're in, people (not necessarily the OP) expecting to get a GCSE award out of 1/2 a GCSE's GLH. Ask you SMT to do GCSE English, or Maths, or Science in an hour a week. Any course you can do in 60 hours is not going to be worth a GCSE. And nor should it! I'd be surprised if a short-course is worth anything at all in the PTs.
  9. djphillips1408

    djphillips1408 New commenter

    I just don't get this statement, takes me 5 mins per folder to mark, the lack of marking in ICT is why I switched to the subject 15 years ago....
  10. djphillips1408

    djphillips1408 New commenter

    Oh and you can't do a GCSE on that time slot. Offer a short course unless you are given more time.
  11. b_m

    b_m New commenter

    4 classes, average size of 27 (core) plus an option class of 15.
    5 minutes per folder....which do need to be checked and marked every week.
    10 hours marking.. each week! (And thats without any other classes).
    That is why it's a problem!
  12. Will short course even exist next year?
  13. I think the short course option is still in the various new specs I have looked at

    Just a small point. But in the Ofsted 'slating' there was particular mention that the OCR DIDA etc didn't actually cover the core programme of study for KS4. The reason that the GCSE is comparatively more difficult was suggested as being because it HAD to cover the whole of the KS4 programme.

    what would, in theory, be wrong with offering a course which covers the programme of study but has no exam at the end? It would cover the legal requirements better than any current qualifications and fit into the time slots which are commonly allocated.

    Now I think of it, it's incredible that so many schools have got away with teaching ICT qualifications that have gained league table points without actually covering the core statutory programme of study. It's no wonder it's been ditched, from that respect.

    As a constructive suggestion how about a course based on the proper core ict together with functional skills exam. So not all content would be in the exam. The fs exams currently have the same points value as half a gcse but are considerably easier than a short course. As it stands, neither would count to league tables headline figures but would still come into play in the total points calculations.
  14. b_m

    b_m New commenter

    Sorry to be blunt but there is no way your "seconds to do each one" includes any form of written comment, either justifying a mark for a moderator, or advising a pupil how to do better.
    And to get back to my original point, Cambridge Nationals are 120 GLH for 1 GCSE equivalent, the current OCR national spec is 100 hours for the same GCSE equivalent so it is reasonable to ask for contact hours to be uplifted.
  15. djphillips1408

    djphillips1408 New commenter

    Why do you need to write any justification for the moderator? I advise the kids verbally it's quicker than writing.
  16. djphillips1408

    djphillips1408 New commenter

    Why do you need to write any justification for the moderator? I advise the kids verbally it's quicker than writing.
  17. So you don't provide any written feedback to your students?

    That's pretty poor IMO and it's no wonder you're able to mark so quickly. Verbal feedback has its place but so does written feedback.

    We use a system where students upload their work electronically and we provide written feedback. It keeps multiple drafts and all of our feedback and the student responses to them, this aids with demonstrating progress made etc.

    You are, also, meant to complete the moderator coversheets fully to justify your awarding of a particular grade.
  18. LinW2010

    LinW2010 New commenter

    We use moodle - if the kids upload a piece of work to moodle, it does just take a few seconds or so to check their work and write a brief dated comment. It's then their responsibility to check their feedback on moodle to check whether the work is complete. Moodle will indicate when a new piece of work is uploaded, so I can see at a glance what needs marking. It does then take a bit longer when the unit is complete and each piece needs printing off and double checking, but makes day to day lessons much easier.
  19. Agree with DJP on this. Takes moments to mark any AO of the OCR nationals (AFAIK, I don't teach all units). If a kid is missing something then I usually say something like "You need to do this.." and point at the mark scheme. This seems to work.
  20. We do the same
    All A0s are broken down into small chunks or small uploads. Everything is uploaded to Moodle. They are graded D, M, P, try again, or not done depending how they have done. As much marking (if not all) is done in lesson in front of the kids with verbal feedback given. Feedback on Moodle is as brief as we can - just a reminder of what was verbally given. Work is then left on Moodle and moderator uses Moodle to check work. No printing!
    We fill in a few of the mark things for our internal moderation only.

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