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GCSE observation interest rates! Help!

Discussion in 'Business studies' started by cb700, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. cb700

    cb700 New commenter

    Hi I have a observation and management have picked my year 10 GCSE class who are studying the EDEXCEL GCSE and will be on the topic of interest rates! Any ideas? I will be looking at interest rates and small businesses and consumer spending.
    Thanks in advance!
  2. Hiyah
    Just a couple of ideas popped into my head. If its a good year 10 group why not try:
    1) Be daring and create charts and graphs on mini white boards with playdoh squidged into shapes for the axises and for the rate - show the real interest rate on the white board over the last few years - get them to extrapolate where they think the line is 2012 on the graph - then show them how low it really is. Discussion of what this means etc.
    2) give students laminated arrows they can show "up" or "down" for their answers - nice for a plenary quiz, you holler questions they all show their arrows e.g. If Interest rates go down then consumers spend....???? Less or more, up or down?
    3) Hand out a sheet of quick notes and in pairs they prepare to speak for 1 minute about interest rates without notes...bravest one of the pair speaks. Then do consumer spending and hey ho they other one of the pair has to speak.
    4) Monopoly money, get biggest show off into middle of classroom give them money, now scenario less money more money etc etc how much do they want to spend, how will they spend it. Big group discussion.
    5) Sit in a circle small ball throw and ask what small businesses they know of or use - they may say cleaning company / gardeners (if you have posh kids) or they may say burger bars and pizza shops. Now it "belongs to them" they are the owner of this bar / shop / nail place / tanning salon etc how are they affected by interest rates rise? Easy one is impact of bank - again need a show off to role play bank manager telling them they have to pay more back. Some have to fold and some stay in business - give a sign for those who have folded to wear or hold (gone out of business etc) some will borrow elsewhere....could have friends and family willing to invest hey presto they should be a ltd.... this interconnectedness of all things (stolen from Drik Gently) is the analysis mark in the exam...
    Hope this helps
    Sarah Hilton
    tweet: @revisionstation

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