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GCSE Nerves

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by walshj77, Aug 23, 2011.

  1. Anyone else nervous?

    Also, has anyone else been able to get their moderator report? I haven't but know of people who have (EDEXCEL BTW)

    Eeeeeek...nervous...especially with the introduction of the new spec.
  2. Can't get moderator report. Have there been a lot of adjustments?
  3. Dunno, can't get it either but know a couple that have been able to
  4. Anyone got the results? Very good news here. Am massively relieved after last week's results! No changes to coursework (though vague comment about not meeting all Unit 2 requirements because they didn't take enough about work of others - though obviously not enough to scale and we had awarded full marks to one candidate on that unit) and the best practical results we've ever had. Really hope everyone else has the results they hope for! xx
  5. Also, got results here...really really pleased. 98% A* - C here with 61% of grades being either A* or A. Really pleased. No marks changed and apparently our marking spot on for documentary responses and written work in both units. However, bit too generous with practical marks but they weren't changed. No specific reasons as to why our marks were too generous. hope everyone is doing well.
  6. Humph - not overly happy!!!
    I had a REALLY challenging cohort (not that that's an "excuse" but I did!!). Feel like I've let the kids down a bit to be honest even though, without knowing the boundaries out of 60 for Units one and two, my workings out (mark out of 60 multiplied by 1.5 to make it a mark out of 90) hasn't worked so I am stunned and amazed as to how they have got from one to the other.....any ideas????
    Worst year at GCSE level EVER for me I'm afraid....performances were ok, some A grades, one Ar* grade, but, due to the group I had, I've really suffered marks wise......not a happy bunny today!!! [​IMG]
  7. I've found the boundaries now - ignore my last comment!!!! Shame I didn't have these when I really needed them though!!!!
  8. which ones? the ones in the back of the spec?
  9. No, there's some on the Edexcel website:
    Don't know if that link will work or not....its the June 2011 Grade boundaries GCSE Units. The really strange thing is that Unit 1's boundaries are different from Unit 2's even though they are out of the same mark.....yet again, Edexcel confuse the living daylights out of me!!!!
  10. Results can be good one year and bad the next...bizarre. This year we are very pleased but feel for those who are baffled. We have been baffled before!!
  11. This is EXTREMELY helpful...thanks!

    Will be able to do full results analysis for the team now! Thanks
  12. Well it all looks good from my point of view! 88% A*-C (46% last year!) What about everyone else?
    Would also appear that we have cracked Unit 3. Although was an examiner for that this year so think that helped.
    The grade boundries do appear to be lower than i expected. Which is great news for us!
  13. Completely agree. Very grateful this year for GCSE results and great examiner etc. As I've said with the A level, it an definitely be hit and miss!

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