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GCSE Music set works for Edexcel

Discussion in 'Music' started by gilberd, Dec 7, 2009.

  1. Does anyone know where to find free resources to help analyse the set works for Edexcel GCSE Music?
  2. Does anyone know where to find free resources to help analyse the set works for Edexcel GCSE Music?
  3. cmf


    Not to sure which ones your looking for however, I have found most of the audio on you tube but I dont think they are in the right key, as for the music i have no luck at all. I did get the free copy of the student book but have argued to managment for money to fund the new thing. I am tottaly against paying for something a: i dont want to do and b: I think its a monopoly having to buy resources from the exam board. If you get them from elsewhere your unsure if they cover the bits. They changed it, they should have to pay for it!
  4. Issues of over-expenditure on exam board books aside, I would at least purchase one copy of the "official" CD set (£26.99 from memory) so you can make sure your pupils have heard the same recordings as they will in the exam - be aware, for example, that the chosen recording of 'And the Glory of the Lord' is an early orchestration without woodwind.
  5. florian gassmann

    florian gassmann Star commenter

    Why not get the Rhinegold guide? From the discussion here earlier in the summer it seems to be a good deal more accurate and student-friendly than the Edexcel one. I very much doubt that there's anything important missing - their books tend to be better checked and edited than those from Heinemann/Pearsons.
    Whatever the case, I second the advice to use the published anthology and CDs - different versions of several of the set works exist, and using the wrong one will lead to problems: as well as Messiah without woodwind, Mozart 40 exists in versions with and without clarinets, and there are several different versions of the Schoenberg.
  6. The main issue for me is that were I to purchase all of the resources suggested by Edexcel that would be a huge dent in my budget, the teachers resource book comes in at a whopping £56 alone. Edxcel have cornered the market by saying that they will only use extracts from the CD music in the exam. £30 for a double CD is steep by any standard.

    Apparently the Rhinegold book is pitched slightly too high.
  7. cmf


    Had gift from my line manager. All cd's books etc even one book per student. Its a must. I have found it great. I have found loads of other stuff on the tinternet and some of it from you guys is very good. Thanks.
  8. florian gassmann

    florian gassmann Star commenter

    Possibly so for some students, but it's not pitched anywhere near as high as Edexcel/Pearson's own book, which is full of irrelevancies and errors. I like the way that the Rhinegold guide tackles the difficult issue of style through the visual arts, making it easy to see at a glance the difference between Baroque flamboyance and Classical symmetry, or between Modernist angst and Post-modernist calm.
    It might be worth your looking at the CGP booklet on Edexcel GCSE Music. It pares things down to a bit less than a bare minimum (and so misses quite a lot of detail). It's the sort of publication that, if well studied, could help towards a pass in the listening paper, although probably not a high grade. However, I have to say that many students are likely to find the hideous typesetting and layout, as well as the truly unfunny puns, very patronising.
  9. I have recently found a fantastic website called musicalcontexts.com. There is a £60 subscription fee but I have found it well worth it. They are a new website and so not all resources are ready to go but Area of Study 1 is ready and covers Handel, Mozart and Chopin in detail.

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