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GCSE Marking - method marks and process marks

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by MacGuyver, Dec 10, 2019.

  1. MacGuyver

    MacGuyver Occasional commenter

    Hi all, I'm hoping you lot can help.

    I'm in the middle of marking some mock exams (edexcel) and there are method marks and process marks. No-one in my school is entirely sure of the difference between the two of them. I'd appreciate it if anyone here could help me out.
  2. gainly

    gainly Lead commenter

    I'm not an expert, but the process marks apply to the correct process in problem solving questions. I guess this is why process marks have appeared with the new 9-1 exams as there is more emphasis on problem solving. The method marks are for correct method in questions not classed as problem solving. Maybe someone who marks exams can throw more light on the difference.
  3. Elfrune

    Elfrune New commenter

    Pretty sure process marks tend to be more dependent on previous process marks whereas method marks can tend to be independent.
  4. gainly

    gainly Lead commenter

    I've had another look at some mark schemes. A good example of the difference is Edexcel November 2018 Paper 2(H) question 17. Process marks are given for realising that they need to set up simultaneous equations and setting them up correctly. Method marks are given for the correct method to solve the equations.
  5. MacGuyver

    MacGuyver Occasional commenter

    Thanks for your respnses @Elfrune and @gainly , they're really helpful.
  6. jocarthew

    jocarthew New commenter

    I am a little confused by these too. It seems (from the markscheme) that process marks can often be awarded when the actual maths isn't 100% correct, so long as there is some sort of attempt to do it (e.g. process to isolate x, doesn't seem to imply that they have to do it correctly, just a clear attempt to do it) , whereas the method marks usually require it to be spot on , or very nearly right to get. (e.g when expanding a quadratic at least 3 terms correct)
  7. mrktylr

    mrktylr New commenter

    I asked an Edexcel examiner this question - they said (in their opinion) they were largely the same thing.

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  8. elrosso

    elrosso New commenter

    Hi all

    Just a word of warning when you buy resources. You need to assess them straight away because you cannot have a refund after 48 hrs. I stupidly contacted the author jonesk5 and by the time he got back to me it was too late for a refund. The resource was not very good and if I was to deliver any of it during an observation I would probably get a 3 or 4. It was not expensive so not worth taking TES through the legal system because 48 hours is not long enough to properly assess large resources. I should have read their terms and conditions but who has time for that. I certainly will not be buying from jonesk5 again.

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