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GCSE Literature

Discussion in 'English' started by MOOKWOLF, Dec 3, 2011.

  1. I have had to look into this and for my school where we've 'had' to teach GCSE English only, there are a few students who have asked to do Literature too (using tutorial time and a variety of after school and 'spare' lessons and a lot of independent study) and it's perfectly fine, according to AQA. there is some crossover but ultimately this is simply to 'offer' Lit to these kids in because they want to do Lit at AS etc. The English counts in tables, but it must be said this certainly wasn't the advice when the 2010 spec was released - the message at the outset was Lang+Lit OR English was the choice, but at least for AQA the advice subsequently changed so English+Lit was 'permitted'...
  2. Interesting that Boards are changing the 'rules', if you like. From the WJEC end of things, unless I've missed something it's English only or Lang AND Lit. However, the lovely Hugh Lester (ex WJEC English subject officer and now promoted to something grand at WJEC) haunts the forum from time to time and might be able to enlighten us.
  3. gruoch

    gruoch Established commenter

    Interesting. We are worried that we are denying students the opportunity to pursue Lit at A level/university, too.
  4. regentsreject

    regentsreject Occasional commenter

    As I understand it, it is permitted for students to enter English only and then English Literature. They would need to do a different CA for Shakespeare. It is not a case of the exam board changing the rules, just that this combination is not recommended owing to the considerable overlap. English or English Language is counted in the league tables but English Language must be accompanied by an English Literature entry, so that students are covering the NC programmes of study. The English Language grade does not depend in any way on the English Literature grade and whatever the student achieves in English Language will be reported in the league tables regardless of what they achieve in English Literature.

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