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Gcse ict sc Aqa spec A old spec low results

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by ictgoodpractice, Aug 25, 2011.

  1. Anyone else done the final year of above courses and got bad results. Mine are bad not sure if moderated down but done the course 8 years. Off to school to poplar the breakdowns?
  2. Got nailed on the major projects this year. Makes a change from getting nailed on the BSA I suppose.
  3. Hi
    Been doing this course for the last 5 years and the worst results for a long time were recieved today! Something I have noticed is that the foundation paper and overall foundation grade boundaries were increased a good 8-10 marks! So pupils who would have got a C before have got D's and so on...also the higher tier had a slight increase for the D and C boundaries for paper and overall grade about 5 marks higher...
    Not happy as the indications leading up to the exam were really good with a large majority of them getting A*-C in the mock which was last year's paper which they can't cheat on by looking on the web etc :(

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