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Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by DebbieGordon, Aug 30, 2011.

  1. Yep - I'm back with still hitting the wall over this - and now at least have got my 'list' of nagging doubts....

    CA 2 went 'well', although different classes significantly affected by 'school' events so not kept harmoniously together .... but that's a whole school issue with the CA system....

    I really can't get my head around how to present the whole project as it appears so piecemeal.

    The milestones feel odd - and am unsure how to tackle it other than give them a 'template' and practice with the Spec paper...

    Risks - no problem with this

    Progress - apart from getting the milestones sorted - this doesn't look like a problem

    Managing Storage - I suspect a bit of a nightmare with file backup names - seems a bit overkill - but can get students into good practice - so no probs

    Collect info - looks boring & heavily written focused - unnecessary.

    Select info - ditto

    Format - OK with this, since they've done something similar for CA2

    Modelling - the actual ICT - no issues with that

    Developing - OK with this, since they've done something similar for CA2

    Report - appears a repeat and over focused on English

    Evaluate - OK with this, since they've done something similar for CA2

    Evaluate others - annoyed by this as it doesn't follow same format as CA2

    Even writing this has been therapeutic & made me realised that I need to send this to my external moderator as a mini rant to put forward my feelings to the exam board.

    So if you too have a mini struggle with this - I'm more than willing to sound out ideas

    AND if you think its all clear - any help would be appreciated!

  2. I'm struggling with this too - didn't like the look of Unit 3 from the INSET last year, and it's not looking any nicer a year down the line!

    I'm concerned about giving the students data sheets - they are meant to identify the appropriate costs, but I'm not sure how well to hide them! Would be so much easier if AQA just gave us exemplar datasheets that we can change the values for - I'm running 3 different projects!
  3. I have just about lost all my hair over unit 3. Everything seems out of place e.g the kids really need to build the system (2e) before they can write about it in 2b? As they need finished screenshots of forms etc. Also what's with the whole milestones thing, why not call it what it is, an Analysis where they are identifying performance criteria. It just seems a waste of time every lesson reviewing their milestones. Regarding the data sheet, I took the sample one and adapted it for an actual school trip that runs at our school every year, I got the trip organiser to explain the process and the things that need to be considered and basically wrote these up in the same format as the sample data sheet.

    My main concern that is all the kids in my class have chosen to do the same problem, problem 1. This is because at the end of last year we spent a lot of time going over the sample problem in great detail and they know it very well and feel most confident about doing problem 1 as it is the most similar to the sample assignment. How do I convince AQA that they did have a choice (admittedly only 2 choices) but all chose to do the same task. I have put the problem briefs on the school shared area so there is proof that they had a choice of 2, but still feel vulnerable.

    Any thoughts?
  4. I agree with you about certain aspects of unit 3 in that they cannot complete one section until completing another. The whole milestones thing has really confused my learners as well! I am going to adapt the sample data and provide my learners with some details of the costs etc. otherwise the scope of the project becomes huge. I wouldn't worry about the choice that your learners have made. All of the problems are very similar in terms of the nature of the task.
  5. I don't like this unit 3 coursework! You would have thought it would get easier the second time around. It is sooo boring and taking pupils an age to complete. You have to spend ages preparing pupils and then they have to do it all again with a real assignment, copying what they did in the practice one, trying to understand milestones and ticking all the boxes in the marking grids in the right order. It is so stupid. So far we have spent 26 teaching hours (over 4 months of work and it is going on and on and on - pupils HATE this coursework) and we are only about three quarters through it. Why do examine boards do this to pupils and teachers? If this kind of crud is going to continue, I doubt that many will be signing up for the A Level soon! Didn't anyone trial these assessments before thrusting them on schools? I don't remember any pilot for controlled assessments. We are seriously looking at GCSE Computing with ocr next year and getting rid of GCSE ICT as an option. This cannot continue - it is doing my head in!!

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