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GCSE Hospitality and Catering and GCSE Catering

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by gypseytinker, Oct 16, 2007.

  1. Hi There would love a copy of your SOW and the other resources
    Many thanks for sharing
    My email is geoffthechef@talktalk.net
  2. I have the book mentioned, I would love the sow. Thanks, Mara (mara@madasafish.com)
  3. Am thinking of doing Btech hospitality and catering. why did you find it so bad? I am doing the wrong thing by opting for this course?
  4. I would love a copy and any other resoucers you may have, I have just started teacher training for Hospitality and Catering and any help would be gratefully recieved many thanks for your kindness Dawn email dawn.williams@colegsirgar.ac.uk
  5. rosehill

    rosehill New commenter

    just got into this hope not too late i would love a copy of anything you have many thanks
    jayjayhawkins@hotmail.com many thanks

  6. Hi,

    I hope i'm not too late, could you send me a copy please. aliciab4@hotmail.com

    thank you
  7. Hi

    I am looking to offer GCSE Catering in September and would love to get some schemes of work to get me started. Would you know how many hours is the course supposed to be delivered in? The school I work in is going to change to a 3 year KS4 and I want to make sure the course will have the time required. Thanks for all your help.

    My email address is shaziawahid@gmail.com

  8. Hi,
    I too am hoping to offer this from September and would be grateful for any resources you are able to send me, or point me towards.
    In the very first post you mentioned a text book. is this still the best one?
  9. Hi
    I also would very much like to have a copy of your scheme of work.
    Thanks, nessex
  10. rosehill

    rosehill New commenter

    I also would love any worksheets etc you can give many thanks jane
    once again thanks
  11. Yes please: t_claire@hotmail.com.
    Thank you so much.
  12. Hello,
    I would be really grateful if you could send it to me too.
    Many thanks
    My email: do_gigan@yahoo.fr
  13. rosehill

    rosehill New commenter

    this look like an old message 2007 but if new and upto date would love some resources many thanks jane annjamie@hotmail.co.uk
  14. Hi
    If you still have a copy of your schemes or work i would be most greatfull for a copy
  15. Hi, I am a new food tech teacher delivering GCSE Hosp and Catering. I will be so happy to receive any help that you can send. Thank you! daleyops@aol.com
  16. Yes please csinden.303@lgflmail.org
  17. Dear Ms Housley

    Can I take you up on your kind offer. Anthing you can send will be greatly appreciated. Jenny


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