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GCSE History AQA results

Discussion in 'History' started by timward17, Aug 23, 2012.

  1. Same at my school 78% for unit 1&3 combined overall 57% unit two was a total disaster! Eaqa is a great help for analysis! My year 10's sat unit one and did extremely well! Need to find ways to up the unit 2 results!
  2. Have never posted before but felt so strongly about AQA history results this year that I felt I had to. we have just received a paper which had been remarked by AQA. the student has gone up by 8 marks, and the grade on her paper 2 Elizabethan England went from a D in the summer to a B now it has been remarked!! Not 1 or 2 marks, but 8!! Surely, AQA need to look at their moderating? With this in mind, we are now aware that a significant proportion of our students may have missed out due to the incompetency of the markers. On Monday, we will be looking whether AQA will allow more of our cohort to be remarked. Shocking!
  3. We also had problems last year and this year with paper two being lower. I know someone that marked last year and he said some topics were much easier to do well on and for other topics it was like the first day at the Somme.... For virtually all candidates. This was sometimes to do with the odd hard question and other times it was the criteria in the mark scheme although the question looked OK. Online standardisation doesn't help as markers have no opportunity to chew over a range of responses so have a ver literal approach to the mark scheme and online standardition means that you don't get some quirky sections of the mark scheme for certain topics resolved as you would with a face to face meeting.
  4. Agreed. Our candidates did the USA 1919-1929 for their Section A on Spec B. Their 6 mark question was, we felt, pretty daft. 'How did the Ku Klux Klan affect the USA in the 1920s?' is quite a broad question for 6 marks and could lend itself to vast amounts of description rather than explanation. Similarly we didn't feel there were huge amounts to write for the 10 mark question on Republican attitudes to the League of Nations.
  5. interesting - we sent several back to get remarked after our marking on paper 2 looked very dodgy and so far the 4 we have heard back about have all had their grade moved up.

    It'd be interesting to know how other schools who had concerns and sent papers to get remarked have got on - so far it looks like the concerns raised in this forum after results day are proving well founded.
  6. Thought as the original poster I would let people know our depts status:
    Paper 2 was over 30% A*-C lower than the same year group for Paper 1 and the remarks we have had back have mostly gone up by a grade (in one instance it has gone up by 2 grades!) and the exams officer says we should be able to get the entire year group in for a remark.

    The remarks for Paper 1 for this Year 11 however are not going up. Its a very bizarre situation especially after having looked at the EAQA as for the 10 mark questions we say some terrible results. Out of around 130-140 students we had a 6 being the highest mark for one of those questions.

    Would love to hear about how other centres are fairing and if anyone has any experience in what usually happens with entire cohort remarks. Thanks!
  7. <address>We have also had similar problems with our GCSE History Results and unfortunately do not have money in our budget to send of for re-marks as they are approx &pound;33.00 (last time I checked) have these prices changed or are they the same? However, I have registered our concerns with AQA in particular about the Paper 2 examinations.</address><address> I currently have a pupil who was predicted an A Grade (192 Marks) and unfortunately came out with a B Grade (178 Marks) and he is really upset and would like a re-mark but due to the budget is he allowed to pay for his own re-mark even though he has already recieved his GCSE certificate for History? Have any other History teachers sent back for re-marks on both papers and have the marks had a large increase on both papers? and in your opinion in this case will it allow him to increase his grade from the re-marks from AQA you have seen? As he did get an A for Paper 1 & B on Paper 2 (1 Mark off A) have any of your pupils had similar marks and sent in for a resit and the Grades have changed, if so have they stayed the same, increased or unfortunately decreased? </address><address> These are worrying times for our History Department with a 60% A*-C compared with 82% in previous years therefore we have decided to move to WJEC due to the fustration and disappointment caused by AQA. I feel truly sorry for this student as he wants to be a History Teacher and with only a B at GCSE it will allow him to do A-Level but im worried due to the immense competition for History teaching will he be able to get their? or has AQA for once and for all ruined a 15 year olds dreams?</address><address></address><address>* I was also wondering since he would like to ask for a re-mark will he be able to ask for one himself? If so how would he ask for one?</address>

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