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GCSE Graphic ***. - Which Spec to choose and why?

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by bexfalcon, May 16, 2011.

  1. Hi,
    I am starting a new GCSE course in September for Graphic Products. I need to select an examining body/Specification - I am currently considering; Edexel, AQA and WJC. Has anyone recently done this exercise?
    Can anyone recommend a course in particular, any why? By the same token, does anyone have a reason to recommend NOT using one of these, and why?

    Your comments would be grately appreciated.
  2. Hi Bex,
    We do AQA accross GCSE and their Product Design A Level. One of the biggest factors in our decision was the amount of resources that are out there for these courses. There are specific text books tailored to each spec, and the Nelson Thornes online Kerboodle is very useful (costs involved, obvs)
    I have to say that the free meetings provided are OK..... I think once the 'new' spec CATs have been through the first cycle these will improve as we will have hard evidence of what, for example, an A folder looks like compared to an B etc.
    The brief available for the CATs are again, OK, although I am a firm believer in free choice so struggle a little to not encourage my students to push the boundaries of the briefs to the limit [​IMG]
    Time will tell.....roll on August so I can start planning/adjusting for this cohort.


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