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GCSE Geography spec overview

Discussion in 'Geography' started by dhartley25, Aug 31, 2012.

  1. dhartley25

    dhartley25 New commenter

    Now Ofqual have finally accredited many of the major exam board courses, I have collated them for departments to use as an overview. It should make comparing exam board courses and selecting the one that fits you and your pupils easier. Topics and assessments are also included on the document.
    I have uploaded it on the TES website:

    It is a word document so can easily be added to or ammended.

  2. Thanks. I've left a review. Out of interest, which do you use and/or prefer?
  3. dhartley25

    dhartley25 New commenter

    Thanks for the postive feedback. Happy it helps. We currently do OCR B and will monitor how it goes this year.

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