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GCSE Further Maths, Help!!!!

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by furtheryourmaths, Jun 20, 2012.

  1. Steve,
    I know this is a bit late, and quite a while after your original post, but I thought I'd give it a shot anyway. I'm a year11 student who's been studying for the AQA lvl2 further maths qualification over the past year. We've obviously had no textbooks as none exist, so we as a class decided to create our own online textbook; www.furtheryourmaths.co.uk If you click through to some of the topic pages, we've included a load of videos, questions, tips and adivce etc. for some of the topics. Obviously we've not covered all of them, but by September of this year we're hoping to have covered them all. We are a completly student made and run website with minimum input from adults and teachers. Please check us out and give us some feedback, we'd love to hear it. Good luck!

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