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GCSE French in Year 9?

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by zhlf233, May 3, 2011.

  1. zhlf233

    zhlf233 New commenter

    Hi all - I was wondering if anyone could help.
    In light of the English Bacc my school has suddenly decided that the current year 8s are to do their French GCSE exam in Year 9.
    Myself and my colleagues do not believe that it is appropriate for them to prepare and complete their GCSE in less than one academic year as they will most likely not choose it at KS5 and the chances of them getting a higher grade at the end of Year 9 is much slimmer than if they complete it at the end of Year 11.
    Also, we do not think that we will be able to cover all the topics, prepare them for the end of year exam as well as get them to complete the in-class assessments in 200 mins a week.
    Does anyone have any thoughts about this? Is anyone else having to do this as well?
    Many thanks

  2. We don't do this nor would we like to. I currently teach Spanish from scratch in Years 10 and 11 (they do GCSE French or Spanish in Years 8 and 9) This is stressful enough in less than two years let alone less than one. With the new GCSE a lot of time seems to get spent on four topics, trying to fit ALL topics plus four assessments- NIGHTMARE!!!!!

  3. my school decided to take the same route as your school and frnakly it was a nightmare. The kids are not mature enough to write or talk about GCSE topics - it took all the fun out of teaching for me and became very stressful for the kids.the parents were not happy either, especially as the school has not yet decided what to do with the extra curriculum time in Years 10 & 11 when the pupils will have taken their GCSE French! The workload became unbearable, especially now in the lead up to exams - so much so that I actually resigned from the school! I hope you have better luck but I doubt it
  4. zhlf233

    zhlf233 New commenter

    Thank you for your responses.
    Were you able to air your views/opinions to management at your school? If so, how did they respond?
    I am so concerned about the workload and the students enjoyment of the subject that I really do feel that myself and my colleagues, will end up resigning!

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